Learning more about the tiki-taka

    Tiki-taka is the Spanish evolution of the Dutch «total football», which in turn was an evolution of the football practiced by the Hungarian «golden team» of the 1950s and «the Machine» of River Plate from the 1950s. Those teams would have certainly been great options to bet at 1xBet – bet online safely. Many of those “magical Magyars” were players like:

    • Ferenc Puskas;
    • Sandor Kocsis;
    • Zoltan Czibor;
    • and Ladislao Kubala.

    They joined teams in the Spanish League, incorporating their tactics and excellent technical skills into Spanish football, which significantly improved the competition. Players of similar talent can be wagered on at bet online safely 1xBet platform.

    History of the system

    At the beginning of the 1970s, the Dutchman Rinus Michels was coach of Barcelona, ​​sowing the seeds of total football in the Netherlands in the League, which years later were paid by teams such as, above all, the Barcelona of Johan Cruyff. The Dutch player, later a coach, who was the star of Michels’ teams, exploited this formula, turning it into the prevailing philosophy still today in the Barcelona club and which was perfected by the methods of Luis Aragonés, Pep Guardiola or Vicente del Bosque, among others. To make all the live sports betting on 1xBet on the teams that apply this strategy is certainly a winning choice.

    Although these football philosophies prioritize touch as the main tool when planning a match, they differ on some levels, mainly due to the physical characteristics of each group of football players and the logical evolution of football over the years. To make on 1xBet all the live sports betting on the squads that play in this way can be very rewarding.

    Differences with total football

    There is an obvious difference between the tiki-taka and total football. Specifically, the latter based the game on the mobility and absolute freedom of its footballers on the pitch, thanks mainly to its physical power. On the other hand, the tiki-taka has adapted to the smaller size of the Spanish footballer, who also are very technically gifted. Still, teams who employ either system are great to wager on at This physical difference generates a change in the style of play, filling the spaces in a more effective way through the transitions with a fast and precise game of touch and great possession of the ball.

    In turn, this causes greater effectiveness in the pressure when it comes to going to the defensive phase. This is because the player who loses the ball is surrounded by members of his team that are usually fresher than the rivals. These opponents tend to be more tired after running behind the ball. Visit now 1xBet to wager in lots of teams that employ this system.

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