LG Spotted with Bezel-less Tablet From its Latest Patents


In a field dominated by Samsung and Apple, LG tries to sneak in as a competitor with its yet unexposed bezel-less tablet.

Being a second most known brand from South Korea, LG has been producing some finer products in the mid-range smartphone segment but unable to be a raging rival to its peers. But in the TV segment, LG got its best. Serving the entire middle and lower class, this brand proves its worth there.

LG Spotted with Bezel-less Tablet From its Latest Patents

LG Bezel-Less Tablet
LG Bezel-Less Tablet

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, in its recent patent filings to KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Office), it is observed that (at least from the patent images) LG maybe in the process of producing a bezel-less and detachable kinda tablet.

It has a cover to be used as a cradle when unfolded. Joining with a simple keyboard, these products seem to come all combined.

Keyboard having a touch mousepad included and smoother-rounded edges for the tablet, LG Tab-Book Duo has almost the same features when was released three years back.

It is seen that the tablet screen goes full screen-to-body ratio leaving very thin or no bezel. And it’s foldable plus detachable. From the designs, it seems to offer no less than a premium product just like its peers. But remember, Patents are just patents unless they are materialized. A number of Apple’s, HTC‘s products are left at patent design s only, let’s see how far LG can drag it to. If possible, MCW 2019 could be a big stage for all such inventions to be unveiled. Samsung’s S10 and other flagships are expected to be exposed in MCW 2019.

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