Looking to purchase IPv4 address space? Follow these 4 steps

    With the IPv4 exhaustion as a consequence of the growing number of devices linked to the internet, a heated transfer market emerged where IPv4 address blocks are shifting back and forth. Where some businesses face a significant surplus in IPv4 addresses, other companies can’t get their hands on them soon enough. This makes the perfect breeding ground for supply and demand to do their job. Yet how do you manage to purchase IP address without sufficient knowledge, networks or experience? Here’s how. 

    • Determine what you need 

    Before jumping into the heat of the IPv4 transfer market, make sure to know exactly what you need. What are you willing to pay for your IPv4 addresses and in what quantity do you require them? Will a little IPv4 space bring enough relief to your business or do you need significant Ipv4 blocks? By doing research on the current value of IPv4 addresses as well as what your company needs to realize ambitions, you’ll be entering the arena prepared and with enough knowledge to make the right decision. 

    • Find a trusted broker

    Preparation and knowledge is one thing, yet the transfer of IPv4 addresses comes with a lot more. Complex procedures and a secure transfer of ownership take time, let alone the administrative matters surrounding a transaction. Therefore, knowledge of the market alone is not enough. In order to make a safe and secure deal, you need sufficient knowledge or rules, regulations and more. The best way to make sure your IPv4 purchase is a safe and easy one is by finding a trusted IPv4 broker. Their experts will guide you during the process, carry out background checks on selling parties to make sure you won’t be facing any problems after your purchase and take care of the administrative matters for you. By choosing a registered broker, you’re able to find the best deal.

    • Check the conditions 

    As soon as you’ve found a party willing to sell surplus IPv4 space, whether or not through a broker, check the conditions of the transaction. This will spare you the trouble of finding out later that an IPv4 block was corrupted or transferred illegally. When you’re relying on a broker, trust them in doing the research for you yet still check whether you agree with the conditions posed in the transfer agreement.

    • Make your purchase

    Once you’ve checked the terms and conditions and are confident this deal is the right one for you, make your IPv4 purchase. However, don’t expect to have access to your newly acquired IPv4 addresses right away. Oftentimes there’s a great deal of administrative work to be done before the actual transfer is complete. However, working together with a broker will speed things up for you. If you need the IPv4 address space as soon as possible, make it known to our brokering partner and they’ll find the best deal within a short period of time. 

    Your route to IPv4 address space 

    When you’re in need of IPv4 address space to realize growth ambitions, make sure to prepare yourself for the turbulence that is the IPv4 transfer market. The increasing shortage is heating up supply and demand, consequently driving up prices. Find yourself a trusted broker and rely on their expertise in order to get yourself the best deal.  

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