10 Cool macOS Sierra Hidden Features, Tips & Tricks

    macOS Sierra Hidden Features: A new version of Apple operating system is macOS sierra which has all new interesting features. macOS Sierra is the thirteenth release of macOS Apple Inc.’s desktop and operating system for Macintosh computers. Sierra is the first version of macOS after OS X Mountain Lion (2012). Previously Apple operating system is known as OS X and now with the new version its name is changed to macOS and the new version will be named macOS Sierra. With the new version, a number of new features are introduced in macOS Sierra such as Siri, Apple Pay on the web, Universal Clipboard and many more. Some of the top hidden features of macOS Sierra are listed below.

    macOS Sierra Hidden Features
    macOS Sierra Hidden Features

    10 Cool macOS Sierra Hidden Features, Tips & Tricks

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on mac os sierra tips and tricks pdf but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the Best macOS Sierra Hidden Features, Tips & Tricks. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, you can try these mac os high sierra hidden features. Follow the below steps to install macOS sierra tweaks: –

    List of Top 10 Cool macOS Sierra Hidden Features, Tips & Tricks:

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    1. Siri control feature

    Siri is an intelligent personal assistant i.e. a part of Apple Inc.’s iOS, watch OS, macOS, and tvOS operating system. This uses voice Quires and natural language to interact and give answers. It is one of the most interesting features of Apple devices. It makes working on macOs very interesting, easier and faster. Siri can perform a lot of functions like searching the requirement, shows notifications, messages and can do many more functions using Siri. Some of the new features available in macOS Sierra are: Pin siri results i.e. now save the useful information given by Siri at notifications center, find the latest movies, scores, Cinemas near you  many more, now enjoy hands-free tweeting i.e. now say verbal command that will be converted into text, find photos new AI features , now give command to Siri “Do not Disturb” then siri will kill all distractions  like messages, notifications, Find your document, Get remainders, Mute the volume, Check the storage and many more are available in Siri.

    2. Optimize storage

    macos sierra secrets

    Apple has introduced a new feature to make you manage your files called as Optimized Storage. It helps in storing old files in iCloud, Automatically delete the movies you watch and Erase trash (after 30 days) But that files can be sorted and accessed later also. You can delete the local copies of the document that will also store in the iCloud. There is an entirely new window is developed for storage management in the system information app that has tools which help in freeing disk space. Also, check Best iCloud Bypass Tools to bypass activation lock for free.

    3. Picture-in-picture mode for iTunes and Safari

    mac os sierra tips and tricks pdf

    As in iPad feature, picture-in-picture is present i.e. having the video going on while using other application. Now, this same feature is present in macOS Sierra for individual video iTunes and Safari. For iTunes just go to the app and play the video and in the video window click on the pop-out icon. In Safari you can use picture-in-picture only with the supporting websites like YouTube. In both iTunes and Safari, the video will pop-up in the menu at the top of the screen. To make the video look bigger you need to drag its corners. It has similar functioning as that in iPads but in a new manner on your MacBook.

    4. Universal Clipboard

    macos sierra features list

    Now in macOS Sierra, you can use the shared Universal Clipboards. To have this feature you just need to sign in the iCloud account i.e. connected to the same network and to be within Bluetooth range. This enables you to hand off web pages or emails from Mac to your iPhone can be done before also but now macOS Sierra has given some improvements i.e. to copy an item from one device and paste it to another. Also, check Best iOS Emulator for PC to run iOS apps in computer (windows/Mac).

    5. Unlock your Mac with your Apple watch

    learning sierra os

    The great new feature present in the Mac is that to automatically unlock your Mac with the help of your Apple watchOS 3. But this feature is limited by a certain distance as it works using the Bluetooth feature. To have this feature applicable you need to do some changes in the System Preferences and have to fulfil some important setting changes to implement this feature. The main step is to have two-step authentication turned on and iCloud login. As all the criteria and security settings are done you can use your watch to unlock your Mac.

    6. Night shift feature

    mac os high sierra tips and tricks

    This feature is built in macOS Sierra to gradually shift the display colours of the MacBook from blue tint to a warmer end of the color spectrum as the day changes its phase i.e. from morning to evening. This gives a new look to your window and now you can read your favourite articles without being disrupted due to that bright light of the screen that before this night shift mode remains all the time. The night shift feature can be turned on from the notification centre.

    7. Pay for things using Apple Pay

    macOS Sierra new Features

    Now with new macOS Sierra, why to pay for things in Safari with a credit card if now you can pay with Apple Pay. With all new features in macOS Sierra, you now can buy things using your Apple pay Icon with Touch ID that will be displayed on those sites that supports it. To set Apple to pay on your Mac you need to add either your credit, debit, prepaid or store card to Wallet associated with iTunes Store or App store. By the help of the check out option at the online store click on Apple Pay and then place your finger on the Touch ID to complete the purchase. You can also give your payment with your Apple watch or Touch ID on your phone.

    8. Use Tabs Everywhere

    macOS high Sierra Features

    When you work on different applications at a time in macOS the Safari becomes very complex and difficult to manage but in new macOS Sierra Multiples tabs get generated within a single window that makes your window organized and Safari as well. Now instead of multiple windows open, you have one window open and tabs at the top to get the tab you want to visit. MacOS Sierra provides tabs to those apps also which have multiple windows like Mail, Maps and TextEdit. Also, it can work with the third party documents-based apps and the Mac’s Finder.

    9. AI search in photo

    macOS Sierra Features

    The very new feature in macOS Sierra is the Artificial Intelligence feature for Photos. It can recognize objects and faces in an image and categories it on that basis like ‘forest’, ’beach’, ‘mountains’, or ‘animals’. This will help in easily finding the pictures just by searching the object of the image. It is not necessary that every time the right photo will be found sometime it can miss some photo also. It recognizes the faces in the images and tries to automatically group the same faces. If that face is already present in your contact list then it will try to give it name automatically else if not present then you can type its name and add it to your list. It builds up a facial recognition database that helps in finding that person images easily.

    10. Apple File System

    macOS Sierra

    Apple receives a preview of the new files called Apple file System that is intended for solid-state drives and flash drives. Using this feature you can improve and upgrade by finding the duplicate files and the size of the files or folders so that they can be managed according to their need and later usability. The basic reasons for use of the apple file system are: It makes one file system for all Apple products, Optimized for all today’s Apple devices, It uses integrated encryption for both individual files and full disks, Cloning of folders and drives that adds speed to Sierra’s built-in features, Better backups availability, Space allocation and optimization of flash and a lot new add-on features with APFS.


    The above-given features are some of the hidden features present in the new MacOS Sierra. There are a lot may more new features available that can be seen in macOS sierra. This article may be able to give you information about the new features present in this new Mac version.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our macOS Sierra Hidden Features 2018, didn’t you?

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