Make your Customers’ Buying Experience Delightful with Custom Box Printers

    It may be expensive to use custom box printers due to the complexity involved in their production. As soon as you use these boxes with multi-color graphics and high-quality material, your customers notice the difference. If you are still confused about whether you should use custom boxes rather than brown, plain, or cardboard box, you should consider a few things. In a case, you are having the same issue, you will find everything you need to know in this article. You will get to know how high-quality boxes emblazoned with stunning printing differentiate your product.

    Why Companies Go for Custom Boxes with Logos

    Before knowing more about custom boxes, it is important to know why companies prefer customer boxes. There are numerous reasons retailers use custom box printing instead of brown, plain boxes. Let’s light on the reasons why companies spend extra dollars on these colorful boxes.

    • These boxes help customers differentiate your products from others
    • You compel store owners to display your products for a long time. In this way, you buy more shelf time for your items.
    • You can print useful information about your brand and the products on the box. This will create convenience for the customers who would prefer to buy your item.
    • Moreover, you can also print re-order and supplemental information on the box. Doing this makes it easier for your customers to know what your product stands for.
    • Custom boxes are a good and very effective way of promoting your business.

    Different Types of Custom Printing Techniques

    If you choose custom packaging for your items, there are plenty of types you can choose printing techniques from. However, these techniques totally depend on your demands and requirement. Depending on them, you can choose any of the following types of printing techniques.

    1: Digital Printing

    If you are on a tight budget, digital printing is an option for you. Being to budget-friendly custom printing technique, it consists of full-color prints which are directly applied to a corrugated box.

    2: Flexographic Printing

    This type of custom box printing is ideal for simple images, logos, and graphics. It does consists of 1-3 colors on shipping boxes which makes it a more basic form of printing custom boxes.

    3: Litho Laminating

    If you want to choose high-quality custom printing, litho laminating is an option for you. It has high-resolution and photorealistic graphics. After this, they are applied to the paper which then mounts to the box.

    The factor of Money in Custom Printing

    Money is an important consideration in a business. Likewise, the costs of custom box printers matter if you want to package your products in these boxes. One-color printing to a corrugated box will add its cost by 10%. In addition to this, this cost goes up each time you add color to its printing. It is important to note that litho laminating printing costs you the most. But the cost it adds will only be like pennies to the dollar. This puts the money spent in perspective.

    Delivery Time of Custom Packaging

    You may be surprised to know that custom box printers will reach you in less than five business days. But complicated orders may take more than five days. But it is for sure, it will not take always to keep you waiting for a custom packaging shipment. In this whole process, the most time-taking task is to design the artwork or logo on the box. Except that, everything is simple and easy.

    Custom Packaging: Free-hand Marketing for Your Business

    In addition to being easy to ship, a custom box printer serves as free-hand marketing for your brand. With time, marketing through custom boxes is gaining popularity. However, this is also true that many brands are still reluctant in using these boxes. This reluctance costs your business in the sale. Whether customers will buy your products or not depends on how they perceive your items. And custom boxes can better the perceived value of your product.

    The use of custom packaging delights your customers. The personal experience they get will push them to recommend your brand to their friends and family members. The delightful experience will let them advocate your brand in the future. Although the use of custom box printer will cost you more than just simple boxes, it will not dry your pocket.

    Communicate with Your Customers by Using Custom Boxes

    The buying process does not end once your item reaches the market. Rather it continues even after a customer buys your product. In order to delight your customers, you need to boost the visual branding of your business at every stage. Printing your logos, brand name, or both will exceptionally boost your brand. Through them, your product will get exposure no matter whether it sits in an office lobby, on a front porch, or being carried down city streets. Besides, these boxes will continue branding your business whether your use multi-color for their print or just one.

    On top of that, custom box printing will enhance your brand awareness and create delight for your brand among the customers.

    Appropriate Material and Design for Custom Packaging

    What kind of material is more suitable for you? Which design of custom packaging will serve your purpose? In order to get the answer to these questions, you need to research a little bit more about your customers and the purpose your brand serves. You must keep in mind that your packaging should be an extension of your brand. Keep in mind the image your brand will symbolize while choosing printing design and material. For example, for an all-natural product, a kraft-colored carton with earth-tone print is more suitable than a high-gloss carton which has heavy graphics and bright colors.

    For this to achieve, get the services of a professional designer who knows the latest designs and marketing trends. He/she will help you get the best results from custom box printers. How your brand will stand out the expert tells you. These things matter a lot, especially in this hard competition. Therefore, it is more than just a necessity to use appropriate custom packaging material and design for your products.


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