MediaTek Helio P90 is here with Powerful AI & Super Camera Support

    Technology is always fascinating, isn’t it? Advancements in this field are already out of hand and even demands more to grow, rapidly. I always wonder how our lives would be in their absence.

    MediaTek Helio P90 is here with Powerful AI & Super Camera Support

    MediaTek Helio P90
    MediaTek Helio P90

    Today’s invention – MediaTek’s Helio P90 processor is one such advancement. Right from hardware integration to powering AI software, it taps into every part of the device.
    Let’s see what they are –

    Built on a 12nm process, this minuscule chip is a masterpiece in performing unbelievable tasks.

    Intelligent Imagining and AI Photography

    A fast and secured face unlocking with AI and NPU magically turning camera shots. Supporting the latest 48MP singular cameras or dual 24MP + 16MP at super fps rates, P90 claims in capturing 8K photos with zero time delays.

    Cores capabilities

    An octa-core clustering two Arm Cortex A75 and six A55 Cortex CPUs. Joining with APU 624Mhz (AI accelerator), P90 chooses IMG 9XM-HP8 as GPU instead of Mali for its predecessors. All these powers up fluid gaming experience.

    There should be a care with changing from 4×4 to 2×6 models? That can be very helpful to the device in terms of a performance boost. Previously, Snapdragon too changed 660 (4×4 cores) to Snapdragon 670 (2×6 cores) model, that helped in 15% boost.

    This could be helpful for the device in terms of cooling and low power consumption, but may not be for a hardcore gamer sometimes. Especially if he decides to run big games like Asphalt or PUBG, a 4×4 model is desirable for handling such touch jobs at ease.

    Connectivity includes just supporting the regular 4G (VoLTE for dual SIMs) as MediaTek has plans on its M70 for 5G.

    At this point of time, MediaTek is in talks with several companies on its P90’s adoption and nothing is clear yet. But we’re expecting it to be a part of upper mid range phones by the second quarter of 2019.

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