MediaTek’s 5G Chip is Here: M70 to compete with Snapdragon’s 855

    Just a few days after Snapdragon’s 5G 855 launched, MediaTek too jumped in with its M70. Just like it promised in July’s announcement, it produced by the year’s end.

    While the flagships are conquered by Snapdragon, MediaTek is powering the mid-range phones fairly.

    MediaTek’s 5G Chip is Here: M70 to compete with Snapdragon’s 855

    MediaTek M70
    MediaTek M70

    The new M70 supports standalone architecture (SA), non-standalone architecture (NSA), ARM Cortex-A53 processing units, sub-6GHz frequency band, and other 5G related specs. It is backward compatible upto 2G, which means the network can switch back to 4G, 3G or even 2G depending on strength. Compiled with 3GPP Rel-15 and built on the 7nm process, it promises to provide data rates of 5Gbps!

    It has partnered with China Mobile to build a 5G ecosystem for advancements and even joined with Nokia, NTT, Huawei and others.

    Though it’s launched and available, it is said to be shipped from 2019’s second half to its partners.

    TL Lee, General Manager of MediaTek Wireless Communications Division has said that “MediaTek is committed to promoting the adoption of the latest technologies. With the commercialisation of the first 5G baseband chipset, Helio M70, consumers will be able to enjoy the exciting 5G experience from a mature and complete solution, In the future, 5G and AI application areas will continue to grow, enhancing the connected experience for users in areas such as mobile phones or smart living.

    What happens to Apple users?

    As always, Apple doesn’t care about being first, but being unique. It neglects the competition, but don’t want to stand out from 5G hype. It expects to launch 5G supported iPhones by 2020 and those are mostly supported by Intel chips and partly MediaTek’s. Until Apple’s law issues with Snapdragon settles, MediaTek has the chance to power up Apple.

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