Meet “Breeno” – Oppo’s Proprietary Virtual Assistant

    Oppo, being the fifth largest smartphone maker in the world, now enters into rivaling field of virtual assistants. In Wednesday’s developer’s conference in China, Oppo rolled out its proprietary voice assistant called ‘Breeno‘, which is currently available only in China.

    Meet “Breeno” – Oppo’s Proprietary Virtual Assistant

    Breeno Virtual Assistant
    Breeno Virtual Assistant

    Alongside, Oppo launched ‘Breeno voice skills platform and smart service platform‘, which would allow developers to build skills over Breeno.

    So, Breeno is said to have seven-module tech where all of them communicating with each other to provide the best and optimized solutions/information to the user right in time.

    Right from IoT device integrations to showing personalized recommendations, Breeno seems to be a perfect blend for Oppo and as it hopes, they made it be tuned for the upcoming 5G challenges.

    Later in the press conference, Oppo stated that “The cognitive technologies represented by natural language understanding, knowledge graph, context computing, and personalized recommendation enable Breeno to more comprehensively understand the world“.

    It was expected from Oppo to launch a 5G enabled phone in 2019, and Oppo now seems to have stronger plans with its Breeno integration as a competitive edge.

    Seemingly having such advanced features, Oppo has got enough competition both in terms of homeland and outer markets. If competing local, there are Alibaba’s Genie, Xiaomi’s Xiaoai and Baidu’s DuerOS.

    And in global, it has powerful Siri from Apple, LG’s Arbo, Samsung’s Bixby, Google’ etc.

    Now it’s interesting to see how Breeno can stand out against its rivals in this flooded market.

    What do you think about Oppo’s new tech? Is it really necessary? Tell us below.

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