Top 10 Best Minecraft Console Commands & Cheat Codes

    Mining is to extract precious minerals and crafting is full of creativity. Minecraft Console does the same and provides users the shortcut cheat codes for achievement in Minecraft. Such cheat codes and commands save time and make the game more interesting and addictive. They are also sometimes termed as “magic shortcuts”. These Top 10 Best Minecraft Console Commands & Cheat Codes help certain actions to take place in games as desired by the player.

    Best Minecraft Console Commands

    Before using the facility of cheat codes one needs to enable this feature on Minecraft Console. The steps are – Settings << Game << Cheats: ON.

    For entering the cheats and commands you need to press the ‘C’ key. Doing this the command window will appear in which you will able to input the commands.

    Here is an example to show how to enter the console command.

    minecraft command block commands

    Commands Arguments in Minecraft

    Most of the commands use arguments <Player: Target>.

    The first part denotes the subject and the other part indicates the type of argument the user wants.

    Some syntax that a player must know before using the cheat codes are:

    • PLAIN TEXT – This is to be entered exactly for simply writing of commands.
    • ITALICS– This needs to get replaced by an appropriate value.
    • <ANGLE BRACKETS> – This is the most required argument.
    • X|Y – Anyone option is to be chosen from the two given. The options will be separated by a vertical bar.
    • ELLIPSIS – This argument might contain more than one word or multiple words separated by spaces.

    Type of value that is used for writing arguments:

    • STRING – It is a combination of alphanumeric (which might consist of alphabets and numbers) characters.
    • INT – It consists of only numbers within a range associated. It might also be a negative number.
    • x y z – It is a set of coordinates. The x value is the distance from the origin to the east. The y value is the height above bedrock. The z value is the distance from the origin towards the north.

    Best Minecraft Console Commands

    Top 10 Best Minecraft Console Commands & Cheat Codes

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on Minecraft pe commands for command blocks but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the Best Minecraft Console Commands. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many cool Minecraft commands available today. You can check Minecraft custom commands from the below-given Minecraft commands list. Let us take a look at some of the top ones: –

    List of Top 10 Best Minecraft Console Commands & Cheat Codes: –

    [table id=63 /]

    Now we will be discussing the top 10 commands and cheat codes of Minecraft console which will work on PC, Xbox & console.


    minecraft commands list

    The syntax for this command is – /tp[Target player]. It helps in transporting the player or some other player to a specific location directly as mentioned by the user. It transports quickly and the command runs instantly.


    minecraft cheats pc

    The syntax for this command is- /instantmine. It helps the player to mine instantly without using any sort of tool. Thus this command is very useful for Minecraft players as it allows them to be resourceful without hard work. So this cheat code supports “Gain without Pain”.

    3. CANNON

    minecraft commands pe

    It allows the user to shoot a TNT Block instantly in a particular direction where the player is pointing. The cheat code for using this console command is- /cannon. Thus this is a weaponized command which can be used for safety purposes by the user.

    4. SUMMON

    minecraft summon command

    The syntax of this command is /summon. The user can instantly summon or call for a desired creature when he or she is short of a couple of tame ocelots.


    minecraft cheats pe

    The syntax for this command is /gamemode survival. It thus changes the game mode to the survival mode which means the mobs will try to attack you and you will have to gather up or mine out all the resources in an old-fashioned way. This makes the game interesting and gives the opportunity to get resourceful by mining.

    6. SET TIME

    minecraft custom commands

    The syntax for this command is- /time set 1000. By replacing 1000 by certain values you will be able to change the timings. “1000” should be replaced with “0” for dawn, with “6000” for the afternoon, with “12000” for dusk and with “18000” for the night. Thus this command really becomes essential for the user to get the desired time they want and then they can plan accordingly.

    7. KILL

    minecraft pe commands for command blocks

    The syntax of this command is- /kill. This command helps the character of the user and then it enables to add another player’s name and then the commands given by the user will be applicable to that player. Thus this cheat code is fun for the players engrossed in Minecraft.

    8. WEATHER

    minecraft custom commands

    The syntax for this cheat code is – /weather. This allows the player to choose the weather according to their wish so that they can get the environment that comforts and soothes them.


    cool minecraft commands

    The syntax for this command is- /mob damage. This command protects the user from the mobs and helps in preventing any sort of damage. Thus this is sort of lifeline given to the players against damage.


    minecraft commands block

    This command’s syntax is- /gamerule keepInventory true. This is a very useful command for the player as it enables to preserve of the player’s items upon dying and thus their resources are not lost even after dying. To revert this cheat code one can replace “true” with “false”.

    There are many other Minecraft console commands and cheat codes such as- /stop time, /ride, /jump, /instantplant, / falldamage, /dropdamage, /smeltitem, /firedamage, /duplicate and so many more to be added. The best of the top 10 commands mentioned will surely be very helpful for the player and are the most essential and required ones in the game.

    Thus the player might choose the command accordingly as their requirements. Before using these useful commands one must know about its implementation for a better play of the game and a better competition to the subsidiary.


    To conclude this topic I would like to say that one must know the rules and regulations of Minecraft before playing it and when one starts playing it, gradually he or she will understand the game and feel the need for some cheat codes. After reaching this level, then the player must look for cheat codes and commands because then they would be able to use the codes correctly as and when required. A player can become a “good player” when he or she knows every inch of the game.  Thus keep gaming because it’s a healthy habit.

    Watch this video tutorial for more secret Minecraft console commands:

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Minecraft Console Commands 2019, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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