Mobile services as an effective marketing tool in the field of real estate

    High technologies have long penetrated the sphere of real estate trade. Mobile applications are widely used by startups and agencies.  Services for smartphones allow you to attract a new audience, simplify the search for objects and make deals. This means that more and more real estate technology trends are appearing on the market, and if you are part of this business, it is important for you to know about all the new developments.

    If you are in the real estate market, you should consider implementing a mobile service in addition to other marketing tools. Moreover, today there are more and more services, such as INOXOFT, which are ready to help you in the implementation of any digital directions!

    Mobile applications for real estate business

    So let’s begin our journey and start with the main question. How can mobile applications be used in the real estate industry? There are various possibilities, but there is no doubt that a solid application and site complement each other’s skills and increase the effectiveness of your company’s promotion.

    The main functions of real estate applications

    The list of functions is determined by the tasks that the software will complete. They do, however, have certain characteristics:

    • database with real estate objects;
    • administrative panel with the possibility of moderation;
    • analytical tools;
    • user feedback form;
    • database synchronization on the website and in the application.

    It is also possible to include an item map as well as specific information about each house or apartment. It opens a lot of possibilities. You may browse the booking calendar, leave requests, and even make payments using daily rental applications. Professional developers will incorporate these features if they are necessary for your project.

    Application creation procedure

    The job begins with a client application. A manager should consult with you and answer all of your inquiries. The developers then research the client’s requirements and create a software concept.

    The parties normally sign the contract once they have agreed on the specifics. The document must describe the specific execution terms, the project fee and all additional payments, the parties’ assurances and duties, and the characteristics and functionality of the future program.

    You should select a successful developer firm that has completed hundreds of projects in the field of mobile application development. In addition, look for experience developing software for construction businesses and real estate agents, such as:

    • development of corporate websites for a construction company;
    • development and implementation of CRM systems for developers;
    • development of personal portals for real estate agencies and realtors;
    • working experience with personal websites for residential complexes and new buildings.

    Most businesses nowadays employ cutting-edge design solutions and technology. As a result, the application should be as easy to use and dependable as feasible. You will not only receive a high-tech program, but also a modern service and marketing tool that will help your business grow and develop more quickly. According to statistics, such mobile marketing investments pay off in 3-6 months!

    Why is custom application development so popular?

    An application can solve some popular problems in this industry. With an application, a firm may communicate with its consumers and workers more efficiently. The software will include all of the options and functions required for the most efficient administration of the firm and its staff.

    You may give orders and monitor their implementation, exchange paperwork, and stay on top of everything with the aid of a mobile application.

    Furthermore, developing a mobile application for your firm will considerably improve the efficiency of interacting with consumers. You will now constantly be with them, thanks to an app placed on your smartphone. This will allow you to notify consumers about discounts, sales, and special deals without utilizing tedious email. Furthermore, the client may use the software interface to order products and services, seek assistance, or ask a question of a corporate representative.

    When is there a big need for a mobile app?

    Let’s consider the next question. Has your firm opted to commission the development of a program? Professionals are standing by to develop exactly what you want! Before developers begin, they must first determine what you want from a mobile app. To do so, you must answer a few easy questions.

    1. Does your target audience use mobile apps?

    If the answer is positive, you need to find out how actively your potential customers use the applications.

    1. What goals do you plan to achieve with the help of the mobile application?  Attract new customers, inform them about promotions, etc.?
    2. What benefits will customers get who install your app?

    Professional development service can safely state that the most significant aspect is the final one, having many years of expertise in mobile application programming. If placing the product on the customer’s smartphone does not provide any benefits, the client is unlikely to utilize it. Even if the program has a nice design and a user-friendly interface.

    Professional developers understand how to create an application that is both interesting to the user and valuable to your customer. The answer to this question is dependent on the industry in which your organization works. Let us illustrate with a few instances.

    If a sports club orders a mobile application, it must provide meaningful information to the user. This is the training timetable, the coach’s work schedule, and the halls’ working hours. There must be a recording option available via the software interface. Users will also appreciate the existence of extra information on proper workout performance, tips on sports nutrition, diet, and so on.

    If you need to purchase a bank application, mobile development will allow the user to operate with his accounts. Money transfers, currency conversion, searching for the nearest bank and ATM, operating mode, and so on are all required. If you commission the construction of a software for public catering operations, its functionality must include menu study, the ability to reserve a table online, a chat window with the administrator, and so on.

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