Moving tips – A checklist you don’t want to miss

    Are you dreading the move? It’s a lot of hassle and you don’t want to overlook anything. Therefore, good preparation is half the battle. With a number of handy moving tips, we hope to help you make a smooth move! Packing in the right way can have many advantages. Not only will you save time and space, you will also ensure that everything stays in one piece.

    Tip 1: protect fragile items 

    Although dishes are often small, they are also very fragile. You don’t want to open a box after the move and only find shards. You have two options for packing here: use towels or packing paper. With towels, you immediately kill two birds with one stone: it protects the dishes and you don’t have to pack an extra box. If you prefer wrapping paper, we give you the extra tip not to use newspapers. The ink can stain the tableware.

    Tip 2: bundle small items 

    When you move furniture, it is of course most practical to disassemble all the furniture. This way you keep more space in the moving van. When disassembling, don’t forget to keep all screws and other small parts together. Put these parts in a separate bag for each piece of furniture and clearly indicate what the parts are for. You can tape them to a part of the furniture or pack all the bags with parts together in a place where you can easily access them again. 

    Tip 3: Use your suitcases

    You probably have rolling suitcases lying around somewhere that you normally use for vacations. The suitcases are ideal for moving heavy items, such as books. The wheels on the bottom mean you don’t have to lug around any more, just pull the heavy stuff behind you.

    Tip 4: Bagging clothes

    Packing and moving clothes? We recommend you to put the clothes in bags or garbage bags. For example, to save more time you could put everything in the bags at once, including clothes hangers. This makes it possible to quickly hang the clothes back in the closet in the new house. In addition, the garment bags give you the opportunity to be a bit more flexible when it comes to arranging the moving van. The clothes can be placed on top in corners. This saves space.

    Tip 5: separate essential items 

    We also recommend that you make a separate box for all the things you will need on the first day(s). the dress-up clothes like hawaii shirt and hawaii rokje are obviously something you don’t need anytime soon, so these can go in a low-priority box. It is quite difficult to find your toothbrush between all those boxes. And last but not least, store your toilet paper in this box!

    Tip 6: administrative changes

    It is also wise to think of administrative changes when you move house. Your address will change and this needs to be reported to various authorities. It can also be useful to register in advance with a new family doctor and dentist. It would be annoying if something were to happen and these matters had not yet been arranged. You should also think about the children who are going to a new school and will be registered there. And what about subscriptions? Maybe you want to change gyms or magazines that need to be delivered to a different address? Also take a look in your wallet to see which companies you have a loyalty card with. Then you will immediately know who else would like to be informed of your change of address.

    Good luck with moving!

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