Netflix’s New Bandersnatch! – What’s all about it?

    Netflix is known to be the largest and popular on-demand video service today, but alongside it is trying to innovate the industry through attempts like creating Bandersnatch-like movies.

    It was a new mode for watching, even involving, as what they call it as “interactive entertainment“. So let’s see what’s it all about?

    Netflix’s New Bandersnatch! – What’s all about it?

    Netflix's New Bandersnatch
    Netflix’s New Bandersnatch

    Bandersnatch is a CYA (create-your-own-adventure) novel in the ’80s which eventually turned into a game allowing players to make choices.

    Here in today’s plot, opens with Stefan, a gaming developer obsessed with his idea of creating a Bandersnatch-like game. The storyline is set to ’80s when the actual game was developed where Stefan intended to create.

    And goes like this…

    On the first stages of coding, his dad enters the room with coffee. And the play pauses asking you for decision – Would you respond to dad? Or refuse. What happens when his dad spills the coffee over Stefan’s computer. Should he be accepting the offer from his investors? Or deny? Why would he kill his friends?  Can he really complete the game in time? Would he kill his father? Is he just being paranoid?

    A hell number of situations like this where you were asked decision to make within ten seconds. Your option can turn the situation into tens or even hundreds of deviations in the plot.

    This is how it goes.

    At one point, Netflix itself became a part in the storyline. (Where Stefan discuss such service in future)

    Fans loved it and took Twitter to show their appreciations. Some Reddit users even plotted the play’s possibilities.

    Black Mirror Bandersnatch

    By such audience involvement into the plot, it would be confusing as a “choice making show” or a “game“, until you realize that Black Mirror is playing with us. Remember, this isn’t about Stefan or his karma, it’s about you! Your sensitivity and rationality.

    Now think how tactical the Netflix and Black Mirror are playing.

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