New Action from Google! – Google has removed over 500 Malicious extensions in Google Chrome

As been promised! Google is really working on something really great! With the action of removing the malicious extension, attackers must have to go to know that Google is really keeping its standards and safety above for their users! Although still there a lot to be done to make the world of internet a safe destination and Google is working on it as well! Here is everything that you should know about the actions taken by Google!

Google Web Store official Logo
Google Web Store official Logo


Malware junk is raising since years!
Malware attacks are raising for years!

After an in-depth investigation conducted by the security researcher, Jamila Kaya and Cisco’s Duo Security team have exposed that they have made a final result for over 500 malicious Chrome browser extensions. After hearing this, soon Google took the strict action against these extensions and removed the malicious extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Overview of Google Web Store
Overview of Google Web Store

This the second time this year for which Google has taken action against such Malware uploading growing on the internet! As we mentioned in our previous post, where Google did the same job for removing malicious apps from the Google Play Store!

Google said, the extensions they removed ran malicious ads and is also responsible for uploading private browsing data to servers without user consent.

Google Web Store official Logo
Google Web Store official Logo

After the research, the researchers said that they have found these malicious actors had been operating for at least two years and has made worse effect for about 1.7 million users over the internet! Hereby we would also like to convey a message for you that does be safe around the internet.

You must be wondering that how these attackers are able to snoop whoop on your browsing data, after research it was found that these attackers have mostly relied on plugins, which can redirect users to some malicious websites. These researchers also pointed out that these harmful plugins have the same name as the harmful website.

For confirming it, the researchers did research on it and found the presence of similar source code used on two plugins.

Malware codes helps attackers to make a easy access to your personal data!
Malware codes help attackers to make easy access to your personal data!

Which depicts Mapstrek and Arcadeyum among others. The malicious websites linked to the plugins were Mapstrek<dot>com and Arcadeyum<dot>com. These websites were hosted on AWS.

Just to stay safe from these kinds of malicious extensions, the researchers recommend all of us to keep a track and also recommend us to regularly check up on the extensions installed and remove the suspicious ones.

This is all for today! So hope this makes you aware of the Malware junks floating around the internet! Be safe and do use the official and genuine site, plugin and extension as well!

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