New Report – Smartphone Giants Huawei and Apple may get Worstly Hit By Coronavirus

    As you know how the recent outbreak of coronavirus effected trading all around the world!

    Huawei's Official Logo
    The Chinese Tech Giant Huawei could be the worst affected due to coronavirus.

    With that, Reports says that few of the Chinese smartphone giants will face quick drops in their sales throughout the first quarter for 2020. There was a report revealed out from Counterpoint Research which was about the prediction of how much Huawei would be affected? Since the brand accounts for over 60% of smartphone sales in the country.

    The researchers’ acclaim that the brand might have to face a decline in sales for over over 50 per cent year-over-year in this quarter.

    Besides, also said that the Chinese phone giant “Huawei” will get a huge hit in the offline market segment.

    After the research, Counterpoint expects that the brand will take over 20% drop in the overall smartphone sales during the period.

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    As like Huawei other Chinese phone manufacturers like Oppo are also affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus



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    Vivo is also one of the Chinese phone manufacturers which are affected severely due to an outbreak of Coronavirus across the country


    Then It continues to add when the topic was turned to other Chinese smartphone giants like “OPPO and Vivo” who are impacted because of their greater reliance on offline sales channels.

    If we talk about other manufacturers, the influence on sales of Xiaomi, OnePlus and Realme will likely be less severe as they are more into online-centric and overseas-focused brands

    Coronavirus Impact – Is Huawei only affected?

    Apple is also facing Manufacturing delay and also trade loss as their Apple's offline in China are been shut for long!
    Apple is also facing Manufacturing delay and also trade loss as their Apple’s offline in China are been shut for long!

    If you are unaware, Huawei is not the only the brand which is affected severely by the coronavirus. The top in the mobile segment “Apple” is also facing the same issues as there are a lot of Apple’s offline stores across China and are been shut for a while now.

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    Initially, Apple had plans to reopen their stores on 15th February but given the current situations, we could expect the time frame to go longer.

    You should be aware that Apple is going to release Apple 9 next month, but due to the effect coronavirus, it seems not to be happening! Although, Apple did say that there is a change plan regarding its release this could be an in-depth topic for another article.

    The firm expects the outbreak of coronavirus will going all along through March. With that said, the research director at Counterpoint Research Tom Kang points out this may take more than two months to get the sale back on track as it used to be before.

    He has assumed thinking that, there might be a decline in smartphone sales for the second quarter of 2020 as well, Affect is liable for both in China and the international market.

    So, let’s just cross our fingers and wait to get the situation into the right place.

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