New Update- Samsung has partnered with google to bring Live Caption Feature in S20 Flagships!

    Google has a partnership with Samsung to introduce their Live Caption Feature in Samsung Devices
    Google has a partnership with Samsung to introduce its Live Caption Feature in Samsung Devices

    After a huge event from Samsung named  “Galaxy Unpacked event” which was held in San Fransico on 11th of February in 2019, as per Indian timings, the event was set to start at the morning of 12th of February in 2019.

    In this huge event, Samsung revealed their flagship phones for 2020! In other ways, it is also known as “Samsung Galaxy S20 lineups” which includes flagships phones like Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra! A brief about this phone could be the topic for another article.

    Google has announced that theri live caption feature will also be coming in Samsung's new flagship S20 models
    Google has announced that their live caption feature will also be coming in Samsung’s new flagship S20 models

    With all these phones, Samsung came in with a new feature for their flagships! Samsung went for a partnership with Google to bring a new feature named “Live Captions feature” to all of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

    After that, Google’s SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer also revealed that the Galaxy S20 series will be the first device coming in the category of non-Pixel smartphones to gain support for Live Captions.

    What is Live Caption Feature all about?

    Google's Live Caption Feature
    Google’s Live Caption Feature

    What does Live Caption Feature mean? So let’s get into a brief about it before, Google announced this feature named “Live Captions feature” for Android 10 back at Google I/O which was held in 2019.

    The speciality of this new feature is to transcribe the audio portion in videos, podcasts, social media content to its relevant subtitles.

    Live Captions are available for all of the system, which makes no limitation by the apps you use.

    At first, Google introduced “Live Captions feature” to their Pixel 4 device and they brought it to their other Pixel devices later on through its “Pixel Feature Drop”.

    Highlights on Google's Live Caption Feature
    Highlights on Google’s Live Caption Feature

    The Tech giant is working to bring out a lot of useful accessibility features to help out differently-abled people to use their smartphones in a better way.

    Despite giving all these major features of Android 10 on its official landing page, it is disappointing to see Google rolling out the feature in phases and Google is bringing it to third-party phones at a time when Google officially looking forward to releasing Android 11. Google, however, passes the blame to memory and storage limitations.

    Google said,

    “It’s not going to be on all devices. It’s only going to be on some select, higher-end devices. This requires a lot of memory and space to run. In the beginning, it will be limited, but we’ll roll it out over time”

    As Google has announced its partnership program with Samsung, which brings hope to see similar announcements in the upcoming device launches from Samsung this year. Eventually, the feature is expected to be brought to all compatible handsets from Samsung!

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