Now You May Need An Aadhar Card To Create A Facebook Account

    Aadhaar Card is mandatory to open a bank account,” One of the walls of the bank read.

    As I understand that the government wants the security of the nation, I stood in a queue to get an Adhar card and thereafter, I linked it to my bank account.

    I became a good citizen—a responsible one.

    Now You May Need An Aadhar Card To Create A Facebook Account

    Now You May Need An Aadhar Card To Create A Facebook Account

    A few days later, I found myself in utter indignation when my sim card stopped working because I hadn’t linked it to my Aadhaar Card.

    I again had to do so and it made me a better citizen than I was before.

    It was astonishing to realize that I need my Aadhaar card to do very basic things: book a railway ticket, do an online transaction and buy a thing of luxury.

    It’s getting triumphing to follow the-good-citizen philosophy.

    At last, things reached above my head and I no more wanted to be a good citizen, when I heard this news: Now You May Need An Aadhaar Card To Create A Facebook Account.

    I fell short of breaths—it’s too much to bear.

    Why do I need to reveal my personal details to have an account on the social media? It’s breaking my privacy. Moreover, I just can’t be forced. No, not at all—especially when they call it Democracy: none forced for anything.

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