Now You Can Order Your Date from Amazon Parody Dating

    Amazon Parody Dating

    In today’s generation, finding dates online has become more and more popular and people do consistently look for dates online. Everything started off from a company named “Match Group

    Match Group is a company that owns multiple other popular dating platforms like Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid. Recently, reports were also shown that the most popular social media site “Facebook” has also entered into this market by releasing their dating website!

    Facebook Dating

    However, it was never thought or said by Amazon that they will also enter into the dating world with their own Dating site! But this is true! Amazon has also launched its own dating site! It is available on the web as well!

    Amazon’s dating version site “” went live recently on the web and from now, if you want a date, you can order it right from

    If we talk about the theme of the website it is an exact replica of the regular Amazon site. The only difference is that in the real Amazon site we get to see products but here we all of the products are been replaced by people.

    When you open up the website, you can find numerous people to choose as you want. Each of these cards contains a featured image of your potential date with basic information like their name, age, rating and price. The price range for the dates starts from $4.99 which roughly makes about Rs.355 and goes till $299 which roughly makes about Rs.21, 300. If you click on the cards, it will reveal more details about that person, like any other product.

    You can find more images of the person from other angles and profiles along with some hilarious and mind-blowing descriptions.

    You also get an option to choose the preferred height of the person you need and also with that you can select attributes from a section named “love language

    Before ordering your date with “One-Hour Prime delivery” But, for some weird reason, has unveiled the delivery for your date to Chennai! This may sound a bit gimmicky right? However, the website is legit and is available on the web as well! is a legit website that you can access right from now. But it is just a parody site which is created by artists named Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn and Morgan Gruer. For creating such a site, the artist did a collaboration with the animation studio, Thinko.

    The idea for creating the site was for a pre-valentine day joke, at a glance you will feel this website doesn’t even look fake at all. looks like the exact site from Amazon that Amazon could make if they launch their version of a dating platform.

    With few hilarious descriptions and prices, also gives you some free and priceless laughs when you explore it.

    For a quick look, if you click the three lines at the top left corner of the website, you can get access to various other additional options information you need like “Deal of The Day”, “Prime Video” and even “Your Last Relationship” and so on.

    If you click on the option named “Your Last Relationship”, this will redirect you to their official music video of Britney Spear’s popular song, Toxic. Which is quite Similar, clicking on the option named “Don’t See What You’re Looking For?” which redirect you to Netflix! is created purely for fun and if you want to check it out, you can go through the site. does come with hilarious jokes.

    What do you think about Do let us know your opinions on the comment section given below!

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