Ola Launches New ‘Ola Lite’ With Almost Same Features


There are Android applications that you wish to keep in your phone forever. However, you sacrifice your phone’s space and for that, you just wish it undertakes a little change in terms of memory. Ola understands it.

From taking 10 MB space on your phone, it now will take less than 1 MB. The new Ola Lite—the lightweight Ola’s version—launched a few days ago. It takes three seconds to prepare itself and never makes your phone fumble.

Ola Launches New ‘Ola Lite’ With Almost Same Features

Ola Lite
Ola Launches New ‘Ola Lite’ With Almost Same Features

“Ola, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation adds yet another feather in the cap of its suite of hyperlocal solutions with Ola Lite, a lightweight app that consumes less than 1MB space (570KB) and loads within 3 seconds without compromising on the booking experience,” A blog post reads.

One of the relieving things about Ola Lite is that you don’t have to enter your email ID to log in. It can be done by your phone number itself. At the same time, there is hardly any cut down in the features; like we see in other lite versions like Facebook Lite.

Using a contemporary Progressive Web App(PWA) framework which helps in building a highly specified app that takes a little space due to its advanced dynamics, it enables you to keep track of the nearby cabs, luxury cars, shares and all sorts of Ola services.

“As the first in the industry to launch the Lite app, Ola fuels its focus on solving for accessibility challenges present in the emerging towns and cities of the country,” it was added.

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Ola Lite App
Ola Lite App

Download Ola Lite App:

   Download Ola Lite Apk

However, with the Lite App, you won’t be able to pay through your credit card and use features like Pass Purchase and Old Corporate Account.

Nonetheless, the app will be handy when your phone’s battery is drained and your data plan is already exhausted—then you can book a cab with a dying cellphone.

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