How To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password

    Let’s see, So, you downloaded some huge .rar file from the internet for hours together on your Jio data and now after it’s downloaded it asks for a password. What the hell. A PASSWORD? Where do I go for that now?

    Well, relax. We got you. By this end of the article, we will try to get a password for you .rar file.

    RAR files basically are used by many as it reduces the space required for storage and hence makes it easier to work with such as downloading it and uploading it.

    How To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password

    How To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on how to open password protected rar file without software but those methods didn’t works. How Tech Hack is providing you the tutorial of How To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best rar password unlocker available today. You can free download from the below-given links: –

    NOTE: These tools or methods given below work well only if the password is of lesser strength. That is if the password is shorter and doesn’t contain any special characters and is of longer lengths like for example “averynormalpasswordforaverynormalfile”.

    These kinds of password would take longer as in days or months to crack as all these software’s or methods use something called a brute force method to derive out the password. Any other method claiming to crack these passwords too are straight up fraudulent as it is nearly impossible to crack them as it would require a supercomputer that can process up to 4 trillion data parallelly.

    So, just remember to either write down the password of your .rar file or completely avoid downloading .rar files from the internet in the future. Instead, go for torrents.

    Let’s get started on with the softwares that can help you to get rid of the password from the downloaded RAR files:

    How to Unlock RAR Files Without Password (Using Softwares)

    So here are the 7 best softwares to bypass RAR Password from a RAR file. Check them all once they will surely work.

    1. ZIP Password Recovery Professional

    unlock rar password online

    Download this tool from the above-given link. Once downloaded fire this application up and hit the “Add” button and browse to your file.

    Then proceed on to select one of the three options given below. Either Brute force attack, or Brute force attack with a mask if you know some characters in the password or a Dictionary attack if the password used was a regularly used password like 123 etc.

       Download ZIP Password Recovery Professional

    2. Ultimate Zip Cracker

    how to unlock rar files without password

    Similar to the last tool, this also does what the title says.

    First of all, upload the RAR file to be cracked and place the destination folder and that’s it. Now sit back and relax while your computer does the job for you.

    Now, this might take its own time depending on its complexity so patience is all you need. Remember the harder the password is to crack i.e. the longer the length or usage of special characters the longer it’s going to take to crack the password.

    Once the software is done doing its thing you will be left with a .rar file free from its password and ready to be used by you.

       Download Ultimate Zip Cracker

    3. Passware Kit Forensic

    how to open password protected rar file without software

    This is also a popular tool used to remove password for RAR files and provide us with a clean version of the file.

    As seen above the software requires to set up accounts and stuff but works like gold once done with the hassle of setting up accounts as it can be even run from flash drives.

        Download Passware Kit Forensic

    4. Daossoft ZIP Password Rescuer

    rar password unlocker

    This is another tool used, which just works like the previous tool in the list and thereby requiring running and setting up of accounts and all. But once done through the hassle it works like a charm every time to produce results.

       Download Daossoft ZIP Password Rescuer

    5. cRARk 52

    how to open password protected rar file with cmd

    This is by far the best tool you will lay your hands on. This particular tool also uses Brute force method but the only limitation being this tool lacks a Graphic User Interface (GUI) making it a bit complicated to use but the manual from the website explains clearly the step by step process of going through and getting your hands on the files that are otherwise password protected.

    Yes, does look complicated but once done through the manual you will feel at home using this tool. This tool uses the batch file method running similar to the ones where text pads are used to crack passwords.

    Here you can also input known characters already existing in the password to make it easier for the application to crack the password for you.

       Download cRARk 52

    6. Rar Password Cracker

    download rar password unlocker

    Head over to the link given above and download this tool right away.

    Open up the application and click the “Add” button to add files that needed to be cracked then check all the necessary or required checkboxes and hit on next.

    In doing so the application to begin to work and start its brute force attack and continue to run through the infinite possible combinations a password can have and retrieve you with the password of the file.

       Download Rar Password Cracker

    7. Password Cracker

    bypass rar password

    On visiting the above link we get to download this tool to crack the password.

    Running and following the instructions will lead you to the above screen and from here everything is pretty much self-explanatory, you add the file needed to be cracked and check the method you need to follow.

    Then, sit back and relax while your computer decodes the password depending on the complexity of the password.

       Download Password RAR Cracker

    These above methods are some of the methods that will work to crack your RAR passwords. Heads up again on some of the checkboxes are as follows:

    Brute force – This will take all the possibilities that a password can take and go through trying all of them one by one until it hits the right one. It can be used when one doesn’t have any clue the password can be like how long it can be or what characters it has or so on.

    Brute force with masking – This method is to be used when we know some of the words that exist in the password like saying “Agnee” while the password being “Agneepath”. It basically helps the software by exploring the possible passwords which contained the entered word. This can reduce the time take when compared to the brute force method.

    Dictionary –  This method is used for passwords that are regularly used like 123, password etc. Using this the tool basically compares the password list with the dictionary and tries out all of them.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our RAR Password Unlocker 2017, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share How To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password with your friends. Let them get the method to remove passowrd from RAR file.

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