Poker Without Chips: 5 Ingenious Ways to Play

    To bet on poker, you need to play with some kind of currency – or something that can represent a specific value. Poker chips are the most common tool for doing this. But what can we do when we have no chips and want to play poker? 

    First, you should start thinking about buying the best poker chip kit you can. However, there are times when there is no solution. Or is there? This is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article. We will reveal some possible replacement poker chips that we may use.

    In addition, when determining what to use, we will consider several factors to help you make the best decision. And for those who want to train poker without chips to start placing bets online, place your bets here.

    Play Online

    Despite being one of the most obvious options when it comes to playing poker without physical chips, it is a must to mention. Online poker is an excellent alternative to live poker. You can play virtually any limit game at any time of day – even with play money. So you don’t even have to worry about risking real money.

    Currently, there are two main ways for these players to be able to play online for free so that they can make mistakes and get it right without fear of. The main one is with free virtual chips

    The virtual chips are aimed at those who want to train or are learning a new variation of poker. First, in order for you to be able to start playing poker for free, it is necessary to check what the platform offers. On the vast majority of platforms, they offer the fictitious/free chips mode as an option so that you can play as soon as you register.

    However, it is worth remembering that some of them have specific rules for use and that it will not always be possible to play all day this way.

    An example of these rules is the fact that the user can receive a limited number of chips which is renewed a few times a day or that during a certain period after spending all the chips it is not possible to acquire more.

    So, it is important to keep in mind that virtual coins/chips are not infinite and more than that, they are not exchanged for real money at all, the most you can do is use these coins to participate in tournaments.

    In addition, it is interesting to know that some platforms are specialized and specific for this type of game, as their strategy is to get users used to the platform and the game format, so that sometimes they offer championships for money.

    There are also other platforms that offer both forms of play, real and fictitious money, aiming as a strategy to attract different types of players, professional or not.

    Real Money

    What do chips usually replace? Real money. So, why not put the chips aside and play the old-fashioned way? Let’s say it’s not for playing limits that are normally played in regular home games or in a casino. What’s stopping you from opening the piggy bank and using the pennies you’ve saved over the years?

    The value of the “chips” is already there, right in front of you. And having the possibility to stack the coins is an extra!

    Fake Money

    Let’s say you have a game like Monopoly at home. The part about getting the fake money is done. Now just distribute and use Monopoly notes to play poker. Also, even though the banknotes are the same size, the colors will help you to easily determine their value. You don’t have to just read the number printed on each of the notes!

    Board Game Parts

    Start by taking your chess kit out of the closet. You already have eight pawns of each color that can represent chips of a certain value. Then it remains only to define the values ​​of the other parts. You can, for example, use the value corresponding to the real value of each piece in a game of chess: 3 for the bishop or knight, 5 for the rook, etc.

    House Stuff

    There are several items at home or in the office that you can use as poker chips. The simplest solution would be, for example, clips. Clips come in boxes filled with hundreds of them so you’re almost guaranteed to have enough. You can also use pens, pencils, rubber bands or erasers. If you like crafts, you can even have beads that you use to make bracelets or necklaces. As long as they are big enough, they can be another excellent replacement for poker chips.

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