The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark

    Well, we all know what bitcoins are right? Bitcoin is cryptocurrency and payment method that is accepted all over the globe. The prices of bitcoins are touching new heights every day. Just this Wednesday, it was priced at 12,000 USD and today it reached the highest value of around 15,210USD.

    The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark

    The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark
    The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark

    This comes after it recorded highest of 10,000USD last week. This means that it jumped more than 4,000USD in 7 days which is unexceptionally good. Considering the value of Bitcoin at the start of the year, there has been a record increase of 1100 percent in its value and more than 40% this month.

    On Thursday, the main exchange operator for equities in Australia, ASX Ltd said they will be using blockchain in the procedure of equity dealings. The net market capitalization was recorded at $218.4 Billion USD. Surprisingly, the total market capitalization of all the cryptocurrencies together added up is $356.7 Billion USD. So Bitcoins hold a fat share in that.

    Keeping in mind that Bitcoins got no or negligible support from any governments, it’s has become inconsistent. It was only last year that the value of bitcoin was only $750 USD which jumped to 1100$ by the end of the year and then jumping by 1100% it’s at $15,000 now. Not only this, the bitcoin has also become the sixth largest currency in the world. Sixth largest according to the money circulation.

    Like said before, Bitcoin is very inconsistent at this point. It was only last month when the value of the currency fell by 20% within a day after crossing $11,000 USD mark. LinkedIn has also been credited for this new growth of growth in the last few months. LinkedIn, a professional networking site has shown a rise in the job listing, where most people posted ads about cryptocurrencies.

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    After this unreal rise in the price of this cryptocurrency, Cboe Global Markets Inc said that they will be trading bitcoin on 10th of this month. Not only Cboe Global Markets, CME Group Inc are making their debut on 18th, while Nasdaq Inc is set to make their debut in 2018.

    There is more. Right after the Bitcoin crossed $10,000 USD mark, the International Monetary Fund and the White house started accepting an interest in the digital currency. Let’s see what Bitcoin has got more in the coming days since it has been reaching new heights every day.

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