Five most heartfelt moments of all times to review in Esports for pro gamers

    In 2020, the eSports industry advanced at many levels. Since the entire year went into a pandemic, pro gamers got a chance to improve their fan following by millions. To be honest, the entertainment when it comes to eSports is definitely unending. Like other sports industries, eSports has also given multiple reasons for the fans to cheer for it to no end. Especially the moments where eSports fans went crazy because something unexpected happened. That’s right! Today, we brought to you the five most memorable moments in the history of Esports. Pro gamers, go online and watch the following eSports moments over which millions felt the ground moving. Let’s begin: 

    #1: CSGO expanded its teams

    According to the reports, in 2020, ESL Pro League and other organizations planned to leave a few teams behind because of downsizing. However, CSGO Teams which were already a part of the team planned on adding one more gamer to their official team, which left the viewers with a dropped jaw. To the reader’s surprise, CSGO Battlefield transformed into a real-time baseball team where the team leader keeps an extra player in hand to rotate or optimize if required. 

    From CSGO’s Aratalis to TeamVitality, many ended up making an addition to their team. Henceforth, making the upcoming matches at that time the most awaited ones. Here are some players to check out: Nabil Navira Berlimton and Bubzkji. 


    #2: Riot became one of the most profited video game development company

    Not long ago, during the mid months of 2020, Riot Games announced that they were planning to drop a new video game, and gamers just couldn’t wait. Thanks to riot’s strategy, valorant games are a part of eSports now. As soon as the game Valorant hit the heights of success among gamers, eSports organizations invited teams to sign up for the upcoming tournaments even before gamers had a chance to explore the entire game. 

    Not only this, but seeing gamers going crazy over Valorant tournaments, many existing CSGO and Overwatch tournaments teams switched to Valorant. Talk about championships and the thrill they have!

    #3: Perkz left the G2 Esports Team

    Believe it or not, but having a member leave the team when all the fan following of eSport is already crazy over him is the worst. However, for the G2 Esports Team, this nightmare will come true in 2020. Gamers all over the world felt their world torn apart in two when “Perkz” announced that he was leaving the team. According to the history of the G2 Team, Perkz has been a part of the team as a roster staple for the past five years. Not only this, but he and the team were also a runner-up in the 2019 World Championship. 

    For the most part, the reason behind the departure of Perkz is unknown. However, eSports fans are connecting dots with Martin Rekkles Larrson, who is also leaving his team of 5 years for Caps Winther. 

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    #4: Some of the top gamers considered retirement

    For years and years, audiences have been watching Zach Sneaky playing in League of Legends tournaments. However, this year began with a shock for all the eSports lovers. To the reader’s surprise, Zach announced retirement, and his fans went crazy over it. Later on, it was known that Zach was only taking retirement from the eSports and upcoming championship. He is still working with Cloud9 as a content creator. 

    Zach Sneaky’s news had not seen dust and another two legends of eSports, including Doublelift and Bjerson, also announced their retirement. On the other hand, Uzi, one of the most trending members of RPG, is also retiring because of multiple injuries suffered in the past. 

    #5: Team Secret dominated the entire Dota 2 championship

    Believe it or not, but Team Secret of the Dota 2 championship had every ball in their curve to win in 2020. The reason behind this logic is that, unlike other teams, all the members of Team Secret were residing in the same city. However, unfortunately, this year, it was thrown out of the ONE Esports because of lost matches. Yet, the past matches where Team secret dominated the entire championship of Dota Two in 2020 were noteworthy. Sadly, they never received the crown. 

    Hungry for more inside secrets when it comes to international esports teams? Bookmark us. Till then, enjoy!

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