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Pros and Cons of Automated Storage & Retrieval System


The AS/RS system is one of the most popular systems in retail warehouses right now. However, this system was out of reach for many warehouses. It’s because of the budget and other things.

Well, the time has changed now. More and more retail warehouses want to use Automated Storage & Retrieval System now. If you want to use this system, you have to know the pros and cons. That’s why we will cover the basic details about the AS/RS system. 

Moreover, we will share the top advantages and disadvantages of the Automated Storage & Retrieval System. So, let’s get started. 

What is an Automated Storage & Retrieval System?

In simple words, Automated Storage & Retrieval System is an advanced warehouse technology that can help with a lot of things. Well, this system is designed for storing, buffering, and retrieving products. 

There was a time when only big warehouses used to install this system. However, many small warehouses are using this computer-based technology right now. This system originated in the 1960s era. 

The key goal to creating this system was focusing on heavy pallet loads. However, technology has changed over time. 

Advantages of Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Now, you know the basics of the Automated Storage & Retrieval System. If you want to install it, you have to know about the advantages too. In the following list, we will share the pros of the AS/RS system:

  1. Reduce Labor Costs

When you install an Automated Storage & Retrieval System, you can reduce the labor costs. Hence, it’s one of the best benefits of this technology. In most cases, a single AS/RS system can handle all labor. On the other hand, it will increase the workforce of the retail warehouse. 

  1. Increases Security
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One of the best things about this computer-based system is it can increase the security of your warehouse. You see, humans can have so many issues such as distraction, stress, hunger, and more. However, when you implement this system, you don’t have to think about those issues. 

  1. Increases Productivity and Accuracy

As we noted before, the AS/RS system can increase the workforce. As a result, it can also increase productivity as well. On the other hand, this comes with advanced technology. So, it’s more accurate than humans. Hence, you can reduce waste by installing this system in your retail warehouse. 

 4.Save a Lot of Space

An Automated Storage & Retrieval System can save a lot of space when you implement it in your warehouse. On the other hand, this system will remove the need for expansion. The good thing is, this AS/RS system only requires narrower aisles. So, it will save a lot of space. 

  1. Fewer Labor Constraints

You see, hiring some labor is essential for a warehouse operator. However, if there are some issues with hiring new candidates, you can use this system to remove these constraints. Overall, the AS/RS system will allow automation to replace labor. In this case, you can hire your employees for higher-level tasks. 

Disadvantages of Automated Storage & Retrieval System

Besides advantages, you have to be aware of the disadvantages as well. That’s why we will cover the top cons of the AS/RS system in the following list: 

  1. High Investment

As we mentioned before, installing an Automated Storage & Retrieval System is costly. You have to make a high investment to install this system. Well, it’s not possible if you have a small warehouse. Hence, most new retail warehouse owners can’t make a high investment in this system. 

  1. Maintenance 
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Besides high investment, maintenance is another top disadvantage of the AS/RS system. You see, this system needs occasional repair and daily maintenance. So, you have to hire some experts who can inspect it if something goes wrong. Well, hiring these experts can be out of your budget. 

  1. Requires Technical Skills

As we noted above, you need technical skills to use this system. In this case, you have to hire some experts for operating this system as well. It’s very essential if you want to get the best result. Well, hiring experts for daily maintenance and operations can increase the budget of your warehouse. 

  1. Workforce Considerations

When you are installing the AS/RS system, you have to check some considerations. The first thing you have to do is eliminate jobs. Even though humans claim most job positions in a warehouse, this system can affect it. On the other hand, safety is another big consideration. 


Finally, you know about the pros and cons of using an Automated Storage & Retrieval System. We have also shared the other details. If these points interest you, visit https://www.gosrsi.com for more information on the AS/RS system and its benefits. For more information regarding the AS/RS system, you can start your research on the internet. 

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