Proven Tips to Create an Extraordinary Online Profile

The Internet is more than just a means to connect people. It can be used for numerous purposes and in order to succeed in them, you need to create a good Online Profile. An extraordinary profile will not only help you to reach out to more people but also keep the existing ones interested. Your profile is what makes people interested in you or your product. There are many purposes you can use an online profile for. Here are some tips to create an extraordinary profile depending on what you want to use it for:

Proven Tips to Create an Extraordinary Online Profile

Proven Tips to Create an Extraordinary Online Profile
Proven Tips to Create an Extraordinary Online Profile
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Meet up Websites

Meet up Websites
Meet up Websites
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  • Use a good camera to take pictures

A good camera will make you look better and better represent how you look like in person. A bad camera will only make you look worse and shabby. If you can get a camera with advanced features like bokeh effect, use it as this will make them look more attractive.

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  • Upload as many photos as you can

Using the max number of photos on your dating profile not only allows people to know you better but also to depict confidence in yourself. You should prefer photos that are funny and reveal some of your hobbies.

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  • Write about yourself and what you want

You should write about your hobbies and interests instead of mentioning how you are the person everyone else always talks about and wants to be with. Also, try writing about what you want the other person to be like. This will help others to better understand you and help in the long term.

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Gaming Sites

Gaming Sites
Gaming Sites
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  • Think of your favorite video game character or weapon

Make a list of your favorite games and select your favorite characters among them. Choose the character that fits your gaming style the most. Now, choose the name of the weapon you find using every time. Once done, try putting these two together using a word that defines your playstyle.

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  • Choose your gaming style

If you prefer shooters, you can consider using words related to weapons like NoScope, SharpShooter, DeathAngel, etc. If you are into kid’s games like Minecraft, you can consider using cute words like CaptainSparklez or PinkFairy. Likewise, you can try to think of words that relate to your genre. You can also use google to come up with the words for you.

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  • Use a logo as your profile image

Gamers rarely use actual photos of themselves as their gaming avatars. You should try coming up with a logo for your gamer tag and put it up as your avatar. Remember to use the same avatar everywhere as it will be easier for others to recognize you across platforms.

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  • Make it unique

Even if you come up with the great gamer tag, the chances are that it has been already taken. You can add symbols like underscore and dollar signs instead of alphabets or in between words to make it unique. You can also try adding numbers that you can relate to.

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Social Media

Social Media
Social Media
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Social Media profiles can be used for different purposes- for private use or commercial use. The commercial ones are generally made by companies to promote their products to the audience. The private ones are generally made with the intention of contacting people one is close to.

Depending on what you want to make it for, here are some tips for both spheres:

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Personal Use Portfolio

  • Your Name and username

Your name and username are what leads people to land on your profile through search results. It is thus important to choose a right username. You should always use your real name as your name as this makes people who know you find you easily. Username should be simple enough to guess your real name or maybe the same as your gamer tag. There are several worthy random username generator tools online. They can help you out to get unique as well as the attractive username for free.

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  • Profile picture

This is what distinguishes you from people with the same name or similar username. If you are more popular with a logo, you should consider setting it up as your profile picture. In all other cases, you should use your most recent photograph.

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  • Bio or About you

Most sites allow you to have a field to tell about yourself. You can write about your interests and hobbies in this field. You can also write about what you do and provide links for the same if possible.

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Commercial Use

  • Your Name and username

In the Your name section, you should always use the name of the company you represent. In the username, you can use the name of your company followed by the subdivision or location of the firm to distinguish between multiple accounts.

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  • Profile picture

Always use the logo of your company as the avatar. Every single commercial profile uses their own logo exclusively. This makes the profile look more professional and easier to distinguish.

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  • Bio or About you

In this section, you should write about your company and your product. Provide links to the official site and keep it short and tidy. Long bio may be considered boring by people. Also, don’t clutter your profile with links as this looks unprofessional.

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Wrapping Up:

Setting up a good profile is only the first step. The most important step is to engage with your friends or audience. You should try to reply to all messages and comments made by them as this makes them feel more confident in you. Also, you can try looking at other popular profiles and see how you can use some of their tricks for yourself.

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