PUBG Mobile Adds LAW (Rocket launcher) & Other New Weapons in its New Update

    What do you use to kill your opponents in PUBG Mobile? I often go with UMP9 or AKM, but using Pan gives me the most satisfaction sometimes.

    When everyone’s feeling the current weaponry being average, the company introduces new weapons to thrill the players.

    PUBG Mobile Adds LAW (Rocket launcher) & Other New Weapons in its New Update

    PUBG Mobile New Update
    PUBG Mobile New Update

    Making the game more interesting, PUBG Mobile, in its latest update adds some incredible weapons for players to combat more powerfully. Those are:


    Generally, a rocket launcher which has to be reloaded every time you fire one. It’s now anticipated to outperform every other major gun in the game.

    Where to get it:

    Have you ever noticed some wrecked airplanes lying south of Military Base area?

    Well, you can get this LAW there in that junk. Search around when you go.

    Or, you could get this in the loot which falls off as an airdrop.

    LAW Rocket Launcher
    LAW Rocket Launcher

    C4 – A Land Mine

    This land mine can be obtained in loots from airdrops and is capable of blasting 20meters in range. The holding player can affix this anywhere he wanted with a time limit of 5mins. So whoever’s grabbing this, can gain the advantage of exploding others in the mob.

    Notable Addition is the increment of Scope’s distance. The scope, which currently has a maximum range of 8x, is now extended to 15x. This range is currently available on in PUBG PC, now it’s made available to PUBG Mobile.

    So, visit Playstore or App Store and update PUBG Mobile immediately to experience these things.


    Happy Fools Day! This article isn’t real and intended for fun only. On the occasion of April 1, we tried making your PUBG dream weapons into reality in terms of this article.

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