OMG! The 20 Best PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks Ever!

    PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has become a major hit largely because it has such a high skill ceiling. We all know that PUBG Mobile is a game which characters our minds and it uses addictive gameplay so in this article I am giving you some tips and tricks to get chicken dinner in this video game.

    Getting chicken dinner is not an easy job and some of us got it one or more times so after reading these PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks, I am sure you that you will get it and percentage improvement in your gameplay.

    OMG! The 20 Best PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks Ever!

    PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks
    PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

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    Here are 20 Tips and Tricks that will help you get WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER:

    • In the pre-game take off your shoes, barefoot running is the same running with shoes, but you are noticeably quieter on most surface and surface and there are fewer chances of footprints on map.

    PUBG Mobile Footprints
    PUBG Mobile Footprints

    • All door in the game start close, so if you see a door open there is somebody still inside or else has visited it, close the door when you leave the place so that no one knows that you have been there.
    • Vehicles are great covering distance but draw a huge amount of attention so use them wisely.

    PUBG Mobile Vehicle
    PUBG Mobile Vehicle

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    • If you are fighting many enemies at the same time then ignore those who are laid flat, they cannot wake-up unless rescued, prioritize those who are still attacking you.
    • Always move while looting or camping it stop someone from picking you off with a headshot. Just wiggle side to side.
    • If you and an enemy land at the same place at the same time instead of looking for weapons grab the first weapon and kill your enemy, it is easy to kill someone who is not defending.
    • For safety, make sure that all your players land at the same place so that if one teammate gets knock out others can revive him.

    PUBG Mobile Revive
    PUBG Mobile Revive

    • If you are a pro-player than land in high populated areas so that you can kill more people and increase your levels.
    • Use High-Level Armour, Helmet and Backpack so that you are protected and highly loaded with weapons n accessories.

    PUBG Mobile Level 3 Helmet,Armor & Backpack
    PUBG Mobile Level 3 Helmet, Armor & Backpack

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    • Use high-quality scope (6x,8x) so that we can see long distance enemies.

    PUBG Mobile Scope
    PUBG Mobile Scope

    • A player must contain a sniper gun for long distance enemy and an assorted gun for the close enemy.
    • A gun should contain, a suppressor, flash hider and a scope. So that the enemy does not get notified about your position.

    PUBG Mobile Gun Parts
    PUBG Mobile Gun Parts

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    • Avoid running in a straight line when under fire as this way, your movement can be predicted. Therefore, I advise you to always run in a zig-zag pattern. Furthermore, when looting or in the process of applying a bandage, always make slight movements by couching constantly. This will make you a harder target to hit. Hence, improving your chances to survive.

    PUBG Mobile Zig Zag Running
    PUBG Mobile Zig Zag Running

    • Taking cover is very important whenever you are caught in an open field, always look for cover rather than taking the fight ahead on. This is because your chances of winning a fight in an open environment are quite slim as it can attract unwanted attention from other nearby players.

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    PUBG Mobile Taking Cover
    PUBG Mobile Taking Cover

    • The playfield-restriction white circle is a constant concern for players, but it has features which you can learn and predict and use to your advantage. For instance, it is important that the circle does not continually shrink towards the center of the circle before it—meaning that just because you are in the center of the circle now does not mean you are going to be in its center on the next restriction.
    • The best way to avoid gunfire is to submerge in water. The water in the game acts as an impenetrable shield against bullets, even if you are only an inch below the surface, so try to use this fact.

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    • If it is late game and you see a care package drop, you have to consider the risk to reward of getting it. If you are doing well off and getting the care package would hardly benefit you, it would probably be a good idea to skip going for it. On the other hand, if you are almost out of ammo for your guns and could use some more loot, you might want to consider going for it.

    PUBG Mobile AirDrop
    PUBG Mobile AirDrop

    • If your team is DEFINITELY alone you should leave the doors open, to make sure your team knows that what has and what has not been looted. It ends up saving time and just makes looting easier but makes sure nobody is there for it will be easy for them to track you.
    • Once you have knocked down an enemy you can predict where the rest of their team is by the direction the guy you have knocked down is crawling. This is why it can sometimes be better to let them crawl rather than killing them.

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    • If you are the one who wishes to take more kills rather than focus on surviving, then you should play on the edge of the circle. By doing just this, you will come across a number of players who are trying to make their way in the while circle.

    BONUS TIP: Always use headphones or earphones while playing so that you can hear footsteps and movements of your enemy. Even if your enemy is crawling you can hear the movement of grass.

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