Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Junk Removal?

    Junk has always existed as part of our lives since the pre-civilization era. The more the population grew, the more the technological advancements that gave rise to more junk. In the early 1800s, all that existed was collective responsibility in cleaning up streets while collecting trash and removing waste. The systems then were disorganized. But because of the goodwill of the people, the waste collection was done by volunteer teams. This is unlike nowadays, where junk removal companies such as Jiffy Junk do the job for you. 

    Junk removal was a way of preventing pest infestations and de-contaminating sources of water while combating diseases. Later, with the industrial revolution, technological innovations saw the rise in junk accumulation as people ditched older technologies for newer ones—this promoted environmental pollution due to junk dumping on streets, water sources, and dumpsites. As a result, junk removal is now a fundamental necessity in a society where waste disposal is outlawed, and sanitation measures are observed.

    But what exactly is junk removal, and how much do you know about it? The process simply refers to clearing any unwanted items, otherwise known as junk, from a property. This then poses the question; how do they remove trash and manage it? Let us examine the ways here:

    Hiring Junk Removal Services

    You may want to de-clutter your home or remove construction debris after remodeling or demolition. This kind of junk is usually bulky and requires professional help. Junk companies can remove it for you, load it up, haul it away and facilitate disposal. Some companies even do a clean-up after finishing the job. The good thing with junk services is the convenience. You get to focus on other projects while a professional team handles your trash. 

    Renting a Roll-Off Dumpster

    Did you know that in case you have general household junk, you can have a roll-off dumpster delivered in your driveway? These dumpsters often come in the form of roll-off containers. If you need to do progressive de-cluttering of your house less strenuously, this is the ideal option. 

    This is the best option if you are operating on a low budget or considering DIY junk removal. You can slowly remove your junk in bits; over time, discarding it in the dumpster. Once the period of renting the dumpster is up, the company can haul it away, or you can organize your pick-up.

    Using Dumpster Bags

    If you are wondering what dumpster bags are, they are single-use, large waste bags that can handle up to 3,000 pounds of junk. Dumpster bags are for lower volumes of garbage that exceed a trash can’s capacity yet are small for a dumpster. 

    Dumpster bags are cheap but have extra costs for pick up depending on the volume of your junk. If the trash exceeds two bags, then you’re better off renting a roll-off dumpster. The convenience of dumpster bags is that you can declutter at your own pace and schedule a pick-up when done.

    Sale of Junk

    If you have always assumed that the only way you can get rid of your junk is by disposal, then you are wrong. You can make money by selling junk items that are still good enough for someone else—wondering how to sell junk? 

    You can hold a yard sale, take the things to pawnbrokers, thrift shops, or sell them on craigslist, eBay, and other sites. If you intend on refurbishing or redecorating your house, the money you make from selling your junk can supplement your budget.

    Donation of Gently Used Items

    While sorting through your junk, you will find that there are items you no longer use but are still usable. These are the items you separate for donation. If you have no friend or family to donate your items to, some organizations pick up donations for free. 

    These donations help people in need directly or through funding achieved by selling them. This could be a good option if you consider it. Moreover, a donation will make you feel good about helping others who could benefit from your items.  Alternatively, you could give the items to local shelters for the needy or churches.

    Recycle and Repurpose

    Items such as plastic containers, chairs, electronics, carpets, and textiles hardly decompose, hence ideal for recycling. Most dumpster services will not accept these items unless they have ways of recycling them. The best option is for you to take your recyclable waste to recycling centers. However, if you have none of these in your location, you could just hire a junk company that recycles it after removal. 

    Your other alternative would be reusing the junk for other purposes. For example, you could make doormats or pet mats from your old carpet. Recycling and upcycling options are numerous but vary from one location to another depending on industry players.

    Final Thoughts

    The type of junk you intend to get rid of determines the kind of disposal method you will use. Some items do not decompose in landfills, hence great for recycling. Sometimes, you may have things in good condition, but you no longer use them. In this case, if you cannot sell them, you could just donate them or re-purpose them for other uses. When dealing with smaller volumes of junk, you could rent a dumpster or buy a dumpster bag and remove the trash yourself. 



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