How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android/PC

    Are you looking for SD Card Recovery for Android? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest method to Recover Deleted Files From SD Card. In this article, I’m going to share Android sd card recovery apk which is one of the best apps for recovering deleted files. We can recover almost all data deleted from SD card. So here you are going to know How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android/PC that you can use to recover deleted files from sd card free.

    How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android/PC

    Technology has made the life of humans very easy and will continue to do so even in the future. So many gadgets have been invented, the TV, Fridge, the Washing Machine, the Computer, Cameras, Mobiles etc For the tech gadgets like Computer, Camera, and Mobiles one basic requirement is of storage. Data is generated in the form of a picture, video, document files etc. All these data files need some place to store, for collection, future re-use etc. Hence, for the Cameras and Mobiles, the SD card storage was developed.

    How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android/PC

    What is SD Cards?

    SD stands for Secure Digital. It is a non-volatile format of memory card developed by the SD card association in 1999. It was an improvement over MultiMediaCards (MMC). This SD format is in use even today. Almost all the brands and models of Cameras and Mobiles use SD card. It is of many types, but 2 are used the most, the SDHC card, which is mostly used in the cameras, and the MicroSD card, which is mostly used in the Mobiles, and in multimedia players too. Millions of people use these cards every day to store and re-use data in them.

    How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android/PC
    The basic types of SD cards

    Why Delete Files?

    Today, a major part of these SD cards have a capacity of only 4GB – 32GB in size; and only one card slot is there in almost all these gadgets. Hence, deleting files is quite common. Sometimes, when the capacity fills up, some files are deleted to make space. But, sometimes unknowingly, those files get deleted which were needed again. Even when space is there, some people still delete unwanted files and might end up deleting useful files.

    Are they Actually Deleted?

    The answer is No. When you delete a file, you don’t actually delete the file. But, the OS only marks it as deleted. The disk block where this file is stored on the SD card is marked zero, instead of one. It is only deleted when another file is overwritten on it. Besides that, all the files are only truly and completely deleted when the SD card is formatted. Hence, people need not panic for their data. This mechanism of deletion has given rise to the possibility of recovering the deleted files.

    How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

    Today, there are many free Softwares available which do the data recovery work easily. For the SDHC card of the cameras, there is only one option to recover the deleted files from it. Remove it from the Camera, then insert it into a card reader and connect it to a PC. Some of the popular and good free Softwares are, Recuva, testDisk, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery, Pandora Recovery.

    There are many softwares which help to undo delete files from sd card. And you can recover deleted files from memory card without any software also, but you can recover deleted files from sd card online if you don’t want to use free software.

    How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android/PC
    The UI of TestDisk is like Command Line

    Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On PC

    Almost all of the Softwares have a basic similar Recovery Process. It is as under:

    • Select any one of the Recovery Software, Download and install it.

    Download EraseUS Data Recovery

    • After you connect the card to the PC, open the software, it will start scanning for drives and list all the available ones.
    • Select your SD card by name or the drive letter it has, and then select exactly what file type you are searching for, a picture, video, document or multiple or all of them.
    • You can then select the whole SD card or any specific folder of it.
    • Then, some of the Softwares have the option of either a light and quick scan or a deeper scan, which takes time; select one and start scanning.
    • The software will scan the selected locations and show the available files to recover to you. Select the ones which you wanted back.
    • The software will recover that, and either will keep in a predefined folder or will ask you the location which you want.
    Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On PC
    Main Window of Recuva

    Thus, the file is recovered. One tip here is that, for the best results, always keep a different drive for the recovered file to keep, not that same SD card. The success of the recovered file to be 100% intact depends on the fact that, when the file was deleted, no other file was overwritten on it on the card. If any file is overwritten, then the deleted file will be partly recovered or be in fully damaged condition, depending on the number of clusters of the old file overwritten by the new file.

    Recover Deleted Files From SD Card Without Software
    Individual clusters of an SD card

    Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android

    There are three ways of recovering the data of mobile memory cards, one is the above described for the SDHC card, here all the procedure is the same, just replace the SDHC with the MicroSD. Another way is to recover the data in the mobile itself. Some of the Softwares of the PC also have an app version of them for the Mobile OS, if not; there are still other free apps which do the data recovery directly in the mobile. Here too, the recovery procedure is almost the same.

    So if you are searching for how to recover deleted files on an Android phone, then use the following apps from below. Now you can recover deleted files from sd card using Android app, It also helps to recover deleted photos/pictures from sd card on android phone. Following Android apps can be used for recovery if your sd card is damaged: –

    1. Dumpster – Photo & Video Restore

    Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android

    Dumpster Apk is the leading free Android recycle bin, for users prone to accidentally deleting device files and images. Once the recovery app has been downloaded, users can effortlessly undelete and restore device data. It is best sd card recovery software for android mobile free download. You can download it from the below button.

    Download Dumpster Apk

    2. Recycle Bin – Restore Apps

    Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android

    Recycle Bin helps to restore your Android’s apps with a single click. It works same as the recycle bin works on your computer.

    Download Recycle bin Apk


    Recover Deleted Files From MicroSD Card On Android

    The Paid Apps/Softwares can do much more than the free ones. The Paid Recovery Softwares/apps can also recover the files which were overwritten by other files. If you can’t recover a file with free software and still want it badly, then paid software is recommended. The third solution is to install a recycling app in the mobile. As you all know, how the recycle bin of the Windows works on the PC, same is the mechanism of these apps for the mobile OS; as there is not any such mechanism by default.

    So when you delete a file from the SD card of the mobile, it will go to the recycle bin of this app, and when you want the file back, just open this app and recover the file easily; it is that simple. There are many free apps available for the Android and iOS on their App Stores. It is recommended to download and install these, as this method of file recovery is better than any recovery software/app.

    Check the video tutorial below for a step by step procedure:


    With the advancement in technology, recovering deleted files has become very easy; there is just no need to worry about the data. The above methods are more than good to get your files back safely. With time, easier methods will emerge to get the accidentally deleted files back.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Recover Deleted Files From SD Card, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share How To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card On Android/PC with your friends. Let them recover the deleted files, music, photos and videos from sd card.

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