RedHat EX200 Exam – How To Get Certified & What Are Its Benefits


In the past few years, Linux has increased its market dominance. Every next company or organization is seeking Linux trained professionals. Also, the demand for mainly RedHat professionals is high and nowadays many system administrators are looking to opt RHCSA EX200 training as it equips with the critical knowledge required to handle a particular job role.

RedHat RHCSA EX200 is an entry-level exam that primarily aims to test the skills of Linux administrators who would like to work with Red Hat servers. There is no prerequisite for this exam although to take the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) you need to have done the RHCSA. When you take this RedHat RHCSA EX200 exam, you will be working on a real Red Hat system, and this gives you the right exposure that you will need. You only get to pass the exam if a satisfactory percentage of assignments are rightly completed.

RedHat EX200 Exam – How To Get Certified & What Are Its Benefits

RedHat EX200 Exam

Insight about RedHat RHCSA EX200 Exam

Once you get this certification, you should be able to configure local storage, work with security controls such as firewalls, and be able to access controls and client base frameworks.

The critical aspect to note about RedHat RHCSA EX200 is it consists of 10 and 15 skill-based assignments. This is not the kind of exam where you study questions and answers. You need to know what you are doing. The passing score is 210 out of 300. It should take you a maximum of 2 hours 30 minutes to complete all the tasks assigned.

When it comes to registration for the exam, the official website has all the necessary details. Depending on your location, you can find a testing center to go and take the exam. There is also an alternative to applying for the exam remotely. Not all sites have a testing center. Therefore, always ensure to find out if there is an exam center at your nearby location.

When doing this exam, we all have got a tendency to skip some questions and get back to them later. However, one who has already cracked the exam, suggests picking the easy ones first then return to the tricky questions which require more time. You must not waste time doing the hard questions which you will not finish anyway and then lose marks.

Why is RedHat RHCSA EX200 Exam getting so popular?

RedHat EX200 is a hands-on exam. This exam is not just about certification. You gain in-depth knowledge when it comes to troubleshooting, software management, storage management, networking, SELinux and remote file system access. The training you get before doing the exam will give you the chance to grow in your career and specialization in Linux products. Moreover, upon the completion of Red Hat certifications, IT professionals could also enjoy improved services such as higher pay packs, career boost enticements and value in the organization etc.

Points that you must know before appearing for the exam

Just in case, you are wondering which RHCSA EX200 exam questions are more about appropriate to prepare for the exam, then Examsnap is the best resource you can use. To successfully pass the exam, you got to have excellent time management skills, as it plays a significant role. In fact, you got to be smart to set your priority and complete all the exam assignments within the 150-minute time frame. Though the questions are clearly articulated, and so you must be able to interpret questions correctly.

It is always important to check the exam objective. RedHat sometimes updates its exam objectives. This includes changes to the operating system on which the exam will be taken. These objectives can be found on RedHat website. You can prepare for the exam by attending RedHat classes or by studying on your own.

RedHat gives you the two options during the registration for the exam, check it out!

  • OPTION1: A classroom exam where you have an examiner available for you. This option is however limited to a few select locations only. You need to confirm if your location has this service available. This option means you will likely be examined with other registered candidates in your location.
  • OPTION2: Registering a kiosk exam. In this exam, you sit behind a monitored computer. Any assistance you need is provided remotely.

Some people think it is best to have the physical presence of an examiner. It depends on how you look at it. Though, many try to opt for the second option. It can be a little intimidating when someone keeps watching you. The presence of other students can also be of an advantage or not. Again, it depends on your preference.

Things to prepare before the exam

  • You can use the book Red Hat RHCSA Cert Guide by Pearson IT Certification. This book provides detailed information on the objectives of the exam. It has detailed information you would need to pass the exam. It also gives you practice questions from which you will be able to get adequate training before you sit the exam.
  • There is also a video by Pearson that gives detailed training on the objectives. If you feel like reading accurate information is difficult, video training may work. The videos also provide questions for you to practice with.
  • The RHCSA Exam Prep Video Workshop gives you possible pitfalls and what to look out for when preparing for the exam. You will get hints on how to avoid failing tricky questions. This video gives real questions and answers sessions that could be of help.
  • There are Webcasts available online with adequate training.
  • There are online work groups that are undertaking these exams. If you can join one, it may be of great benefit because then you work with like-minded persons. Getting the right support in this groups is easy.
  • What are the Red Hat exam dumps? Be in the know!

You will get all sorts of websites offering you RHSCA exam and even possibly the answers. They may be right; others will be false. The question is will you keep investing in all the dumps being sold hoping one of them is the right one?

This exam aims to equip you with skills you will be able to use. It makes no sense passing an exam, get certified and then fail to do that which you claim to be certified. It would be embarrassing if your employer needed you to use the knowledge acquired during your certification, but you cannot show your skills.


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