Samsung Galaxy S10+ to Feature 5 Cameras on the Back & Front


Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the upcoming high-end flagship of Samsung. As per the rumours, this flagship device will feature a dual-lens camera setup on the front paired with a triple-lens camera setup on the back side of the phone. The Bell has published a report in which the statements of many experts are given. These statements predict that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is might feature 5 cameras in total i.e. two on the front and three at the back.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ to Feature 5 Cameras on the Back & Front

Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung is leaving no stone unturned to satisfy its users all over the world. It is expected that the company will watch three flagships devices this year. If we look at the rumours, it is clear that Samsung has something great for us in its account this year including the high-end flagship with 5 cameras.

It seems that the extra camera on the front will be used for the improved facial recognition technology in Samsung Galaxy S10+ as right now, Samsung’s facial recognition technology is not that secure in comparison to the Face ID technology of the companies like Apple.

Dual-lens camera setup in Samsung Galaxy S10+ might also be there just for a better selfie experience. There are many others rumours going around about Samsung Galaxy S10+. It has been reported that the cheaper version of this smartphone might have similar designs of Samsung Galaxy S7. It seems that Samsung is going back to flat displays in the time of bezel-less phones.

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We are not sure what Samsung Galaxy S10+ will do. Will it be a success like other Samsung flagships or will be failed to satisfy its users? Let us know what you think about the device in the comment section.

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