SEO – Top 5 Best Tools to Check Domain Authority of Your WordPress Website

    As the Google frequently keeps on updating its major and minor algorithm updates, it has become more complex to rank your website on search result pages, on the other hand, Google is developing everything for its user-friendly interface and best user experience.
    In this complex world of SEO, domain authority gives you an insight edge on how Google algorithm works for organic search. Although you should note that Google’s core web vitals and search rankings are constantly changing and evolving as time goes on.

    In this article we would be discussing:

    What is Domain Authority?

    To get to the top position on search engine result pages (SERPs) there are many roadblocks in the way to actually getting this spot

    Apart from ranking for a certain keyword, there are dozens of other ranking factors that influence ranking, Domain Authority is one of those factors that influence ranking.

    Moz has developed a ranking metric known as Domain Authority (DA), it predicts how well a site will rank, just like the measuring SI unit is followed across the world, DA is an industry-standard numeric tool that ranks the website scaling from 0 to 100 the closer you are to 100, better ranking and more traffic you will have.

    But low DA results in traffic loss and lower-ranking in SERPs, so it’s important to have a good DA.

    Benefits of checking Domain Authority

    • To measure the efforts towards the SEO strategy being implemented
    • To do competitor analysis
    • It allows examining the overall health of the website
    • It’s a decisive factor that influences the worth of other backlinks linking to your content
    • It gives a direct green signal to attract advertisers
    • It shows how authoritative is your website in a similar niche.

    How to check Domain Authority

    To check domain authority you can use Moz link explorer, the Mozbar, or even by choosing any relevant domain authority checker through a search query on the search console bar.

    Type in the URL or the domain of the given website and it will show you the metrics such as domain authority, linking root domains, Moz Rank, Moz Trust, Page Authority, ranking keywords, spam score, total backlinks, quality backlinks and, etc.

    What is a Good Domain Authority?

    Initially, no one jumps off directly into a good DA score lists, it’s a process you have to go through with keeping in mind different factors that influence DA.

    Roughly saying DAs in between 40- 60 scoreline shows that these websites have spent some time on building traffic, backlinks, and authority.

    Above DA 60 onwards shows high authoritative websites with massive traffic and thousands of good backlinks.

    How to improve your website’s Domain Authority

    How to improve your website’s Domain Authority?

    • First of all, choose a good domain name while choosing 3 or 5 years plan as it will build trust that yes this webmaster means professional business, he/she is not here to quit any soon
    • Plan out and implement SEO friendly Content marketing strategy make sure to optimize all on page codes that will help in building authority and trust along with attracting organic traffic
    • Create linkable content which means the content you write or publish should be relevant to your audience, it should be well researched, using relevant keywords, very creative and informative in your niche
    • Build a Quality backlink portfolio this will notify the search engines that other high authority websites are trusting your website content frequently
    • Creating internal links as it helps search engines to easily index your website, additionally, it keeps the user engaged by showing relevant posts as per their search keywords as a result user spends more time on your website, and the dwell time increases
    • Remove the bad-links over the time unknowingly while creating backlink you add up harmful backlinks that can destroy your reputation and lower your website on SERPs so it becomes a necessity to remove bad-links

    mobile friendly web pages

    • Make sure to optimize your website mobile-friendly or else you would lose out 60 percent of the users on the internet as users have more easy access on mobiles and tablets
    • Make sure to optimize the speed of webpages as it is a key factor to influence the effects on bounce rate if the web pages are uploaded instantly it will keep the user engaged and decrease the bounce rate Visa versa if the webpage upload speed is slow it will irritate the users with a bad experience, as a result, you would lose the traffic and your websites bounce rate will also increase.
    • Promote your web content through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and, etc. It will not only increase the traffic but it will ultimately build trust.
    • In the end make sure to check Domain authority through given tools such as:

    Top 5 Best Tools to Check Domain Authority


    First of all, they are the father developers of Domain authority checkers so they have totally mastered the art and they are improving day by day to give the accurate and best relevant results


    They are themselves Burj khalifa of the SEO industry it gives you numerous options of SEO techniques to evaluate the performance and how to resolve them like backlink analysis, in-depth keyword research analysis, competitive analysis, link prospecting, and, etc.


    It is one of the top free bulk da checkers online, it’s totally free of cost and no registration required, and the user interface is very simple anyone can use it, the results are doubtless and the key changer is that it also shows the IP address of a website so it’s a remarkable tool


    Is a pretty good SEO tool it’s all in one platform that helps you achieve your SEO targets through keyword archive and reporting, they offer their services starting for free with more SEO tools.


    Is made especially for SEO services experts as it features checking DA in bulk, such as showing 5 DA results of different websites at the same time while showing metrics such as Alexa rank, IP address, backlinks and, etc.

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