Should you be assessing your social media usage? Four ways you should be

    It’s fair to say that we’re using our mobile devices more and more these days. Whether it be for banking, texting, shopping or anything else. However, most commonly we’ll find ourselves scrolling through social media, for no real reason other than it being there.

    For many, it’s become a problem, with social media addiction a real thing. But how do you know whether you need an addiction detox?

    Well, there are a few questions you should be asking and a few ways in which you should be assessing yourself…

    Is your social media usage compulsive?

    Compulsive behaviour is something that we feel we have to do repeatedly, even then we know full well we don’t need to. Is that the feeling you have for social media, you’re picking up your mobile device for no real reason and opening up Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

    If that compulsion is overriding your better judgement, then it may start to be problematic, particularly if you are checking your social media channels at times when you shouldn’t, for example while driving.

    Social media is getting in the way of your life

    Is your social media usage damaging your “real life”? While there are periods in which it is absolutely fine to sit and scroll through Instagram for half an hour, if it is beginning to affect your sleep, your health or getting to a point where you’re ignoring loved ones and friends because you’re spending too much time on it, then social media is undoubtedly getting in the way of your life. 

    You need it to feel satisfied

    Social media can be hugely satisfying. It can be hugely gratifying. There are some great, heart-warming stories that come out of it. There are also some pretty horrific sides to it too. 

    However, if you go to it for satisfaction and are doing so increasingly, then problems are certainly afoot. It’s one of the common themes when it comes to social media overusage, and it’s similar to other addictions such as alcohol and drugs. You build up a tolerance so you seek out its pleasurable effects even more, essentially further spiralling problem out of control.

    Your audience needs you

    If you begin to feel that your followers on social media platforms need you then it’s perhaps time to check in and ask yourself whether your relationship with social channels is healthy. Of course, people do make a living on social media and this doesn’t necessarily apply to them, but if you aren’t and you still think you have an audience to speak to, then ask yourself the question, will they notice if you’re gone?

    The answer is probably no. You can even try it. Go a week without posting and see if any of your followers raises it. They probably won’t.

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