How to Skyrocket Your SEO with High Tech DIY Videos

    Content is at the core of SEO and that includes all types of content – from textual content to images to video. studies show that video is the most popular type of content today. That YouTube is the second most used search engine stands as one of the testimonies to this fact. So if you want to promote your business, creating high tech DIY videos is an important SEO strategy.

    How to Skyrocket Your SEO with High Tech DIY Videos?

    Skyrocket Your SEO
    How to Skyrocket Your SEO with High Tech DIY Videos

    Here are 5 steps you should take to boost your SEO with DIY videos.

    1. Create How-To Guides & Tutorials

    Creating high-quality videos delivers higher value to your target audience. It is highly engaging and can also encourage them to share the content. You can create useful video how-to guides and tutorials to generate targeted traffic. It is time you go beyond making product pitches and offer valuable content that is of practical value to your audience. DIY videos created using tools like mysimpleshow can show your audience how to resolve their problems.

    High Tech DIY Videos

    1. Post Videos on Your Website & YouTube to Boost SEO

    Posting videos on your website and YouTube can give an immense boost to your SEO. When you add a video to YouTube, make sure it is also embedded on your site. You can link the YouTube video back to the relevant page on your website. This can not only help get valuable backlinks, it can also help generate more traffic from YouTube to your site. This can help boost your conversion rates.

    Videos posted on YouTube are likely to generate a higher volume of views and traffic. A number of views and video quality are dependent on each other. So it is extremely important that you create quality videos to start with. mysimpleshow makes it easy for anyone to create quality videos.

    There is another reason for creating and posting videos on YouTube. The website has high domain authority, which is a major search engine ranking factor. In other words, its authority is much higher than your own website. So you benefit in two ways when your video is added to YouTube:

    • YouTube’s high domain authority helps your videos get ranked high in relevant search engine results pages.
    • The backlinks from a high authority website like YouTube further help in boosting your own website’s search rankings.
    1. Optimize Videos with Relevant Keywords

    While videos have higher SEO value among all the content types, you can further enhance the effects by optimizing your videos for your targeted keywords. You can optimize the video descriptions, contents and tags using your keywords. These different elements will help Google in effectively identifying the relevance of your video.

    1. Create Longer YouTube Videos

    When creating videos using mysimpleshow, it is recommended to create longer videos. Similar to long-form content, longer videos are also considered to have deeper SEO impact. Studies show that longer videos mostly outperform shorter videos in both Google search and YouTube results. You can create longer videos with lots of information. This can be beneficial for both your viewers and your business in getting found online.

    1. Generate Video Traffic to Boost your Traffic

    Traffic is an important SEO factor in itself. Even when the purpose of SEO is to generate more traffic by helping your business get found in search results, the more traffic your website generates, the better it is for SEO. The high volume of relevant traffic also sends out a strong signal to Google that your website offers valuable information. Videos can generate more traffic to your website. There is no limit to where your videos can be posted to and shared on.

    At the same time, it is important to create videos that deliver genuine value to your audience and are relevant to where they are posted. Useful videos are also more likely to for others to share. Research can help you gather information such as the questions your audience needs answered and their relevant problems that your products or services can solve. Your DIY videos and tutorials can then be created using tools mysimpleshow to deliver solutions to those problems.

    Creating DIY videos can be an excellent way to provide solutions to your target audience’s problems. If you have a product, there will be a large user base that will find its use. Videos are more effective in delivering the required information than using other types of content. So use the right tool like mysimpleshow to create high-quality DIY videos to boost your SEO.

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