Smart Watch Evaluation

    The popularity of smart phones has driven the development of smart wear. In the smartphone store, you can buy mobile phones. You can buy the surrounding smart wear. Let’s talk about smart watches.

    HONOR Watch GS Pro looks more like a high-end fitness tracker. HONOR Watch ES is a sturdy smart watch with various rich functions. This is suitable for modern adventurers.

    The Watch GS Pro is wide. It has a large raised baffle surrounding the screen all the time. The weight is a little more than 45g. This is not as heavy as expected.

    The Watch GS Pro Smart Watch consists of a large body and two detachable watchbands. The watchbands are thick. They have many holes for increasing air permeability. The watchband is made of fluor rubber material. When wearing, users can feel the smoothness and comfort of this material.

    There are two buttons on the right side. The first button is used to display the application menu. The second button is used for customization. It can be set according to normal use requirements. This will be more convenient when turning on daily functions.

    This smart watch has passed the military IL-STD-810G test. It can be used under 50 meters of water. It can be waterproof. It is equipped with stainless steel bezel. The body is strong and well protected from bad weather.

    The watch has a screen size of 1.39 inches. It has a resolution of 454 × 454. It has many surfaces to choose from. The watch has a bright display screen. The color accuracy of the screen is high. This can satisfy users’ imagination of smartwatches.

    This smartwatch has more than 100 fitness modes and many customized outdoor activities. For example, outdoor swimming, mountaineering, and skiing.

    These special patterns can track time and heart rate like other devices. The following data can be monitored during skiing. Including speed, descent distance, total distance and time, time of this run and the whole journey, as well as slope, altitude, burning heat, heart rate, training effect (observing the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic) of users. This is a huge data range. This function is practical for sports enthusiasts.

    Built-in GPS technology allows you to calculate your travel distance without carrying a mobile phone. This is due to a cool feature in the watch-Route Back. It can help users navigate back to the starting point of the exercise. If the user’s training activity is a long mountaineering journey, this function will be practical.

    There are general health items such as heart rate monitoring, sleep, and stride tracking. This includes pressure measurement, breathing exercises, SpO2 monitoring, etc.

    HONOR Watch GS Pro has functions such as music control. It can be used with Spotify on mobile phones. You can control the playing of songs through your wrist. Weather forecast data are taken from the BBC weather forecast.

    Friends who love sports and want to pay attention to their health can buy this smart watch. This is to monitor their physical condition at all times.

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