Snapchat Unveils Waterproof Spectacles That Can Take HD Videos & Photos

    Snapchats Spectacles were indeed one of the eye-catching gadgets that were launched in 2016. However, these spectacles were not a major success of the company. But Snapchat leaves no stone unturned to bring new innovations every day. Despite not having great profits through these spectacles, Snapchat has launch 2nd gen version of them. The main attraction of this spectacle is that it records HD videos by default.

    Snapchat Unveils Waterproof Spectacles That Can Take HD Videos & Photos

    Snapchat Unveils Waterproof Spectacles That Can Take HD Videos & Photos

    These new Snapchat spectacles have the same basic functionality as the previous version, but Snapchat has added many additional features to them. They are not just a wearable camera but they allow you to capture pictures and HD videos.

    The previous version of these spectacles only had a functionality to record and post videos just by tapping a button on the left, whereas, the new version lets you capture the photos and videos. These spectacles have a price tag of $149.99.

    Waterproof Spectacles
    Waterproof Spectacles

    All you have to do to click pictures is to tap and hold the button while a single click on the button can record videos of 10 seconds. To record a video of more than 10 seconds, three consecutive taps are required.

    The design and built up of the new spectacles are similar to the previous version. But the size of the spectacles is reduced to make it more pocket-friendly. The user can record 70 videos with one session of charging.

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    Snapchat spectacles
    Snapchat spectacles

    The availability of these spectacles is only limited to US, Canada, France, and the UK for now. And they will be available in Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Ireland, and Italy from May 3. Spectacles will be available in three color variants i.e. red, blue and black. They will be available for sale online on

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