Sonic Soak: Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool [REVIEW]

    If you are in search of a cleaning device that can clean any, in fact, many products of various kinds then your search ends here. Sonic Soak Ultra-Sonic is the new age cleaning tool that exerts ultrasonic waves to clean various things. This tool can be connected to mobile devices and it has a clock timer that recommends the right amount of time to set for daily purposes. For example, if you want to clean ay piece of clothing like a shirt or t-shirt then you just need to duck the tool in soapy water, the ultrasonic automation will start dispersing unstable air bubbles which will help in getting rid of the dirt from the clothing.

    Sonic Soak: Best Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool [REVIEW]

    Sonic Soak Review
    Sonic Soak Review

    This tool can be used on several items or products. One of its amazing features is its versatility. It does not do any harm to anything which is the reason why you can use it on anything from clothes to jewellery. This tool washes objects at a microscopic level which is amazing when you are concerned about extensive cleaning. This tool can be used in any location with even a minimum amount of water.

    Some people use it to clean their food like fruits and vegetables as well. But this tool works most efficiently when dipped in water for a few minutes. Washing objects have been made the simplest of all times. All you need to do is, connect the device with your tablet or mobile phone and start cleaning your desired object. It is not just a portable washing machine, it is more than that. Not only does it remove the dirt from clothes but it also removes the bacteria built on it.

    This method of cavitation is not completely new. It catalogs the generation of vapor or bubble cavities in the liquid. The same procedure is used in Sonic Soak which means it is not a new method but a tried and tested one. The bubbles that this tool forms burst and extract dirt and/or oil stains from clothes and other objects to give the best results. However, you cannot completely rely on Sonic Soak as much as you can rely on any other washing machine. For instance, it cannot remove dirt stain on clothing items as fully as a rotary washing machine can because of the limited power ability of the portable device.

    Simultaneously, it is not suggested to rely on this device for permanent usage for daily household cleaning but can be used for short-term purposes like if you are out on a vacation for a week or so then its restricted cavitation and volume can be completely relied upon. The device comes with a small display for simple control and 3 easy-to-operate buttons for the uncomplicated experience. It is light weighted enough for you to carry on a plane as well without worrying about paying any extra charges. The device can be used in a glass, bucket or a sink also if you are looking to clean small objects. This is why it is a great tool for absolute cleanliness while travelling.


    • Battery life is surprisingly long-lasting for months
    • Can be used to clean almost anything
    • Does not have any cord
    • Functions without making any noise
    • Get rids of 99.9 percent dirt
    • Has an automatic display attached to it
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Removes all the bacteria, dirt, grime and stain at the microscopic level


    • If not taken proper care then the battery section will start getting rusted
    • Not meant to clean heavy objects

    In case you are not sure if you can trust this tool entirely or not, the manufacturer has suggested a couple of tests examine the reliability of the device. You can try any one or all of them if you wish to. Continue reading to find out about the tests.

    Test 1 – Aluminium Foil

    Start by wrapping the ultrasonic device in an aluminium foil. Now immerse the foil-wrapped device in water and turn the entire thing on. Wait for 15 minutes and then take out the device from the water, you will be able to see all the dirt has been completely removed and most of the foil has also been crumbled. The success of this test is proof that the device sends powerful ultrasonic waves.

    Test 2 – Glass

    Take a one-day-old cup of coffee and wine glass with stains of cranberry juice all over it and submerge it into a bucket of water with the device on. After waiting for standard runtime of three to five minutes you will be able to see that the stains from the glass and mug have come off. The best part of this test is that no matter what, the ultrasonic waves won’t crack or break your glasses.

    Test 3 – Laundry

    Try placing all your stained clothes in a bucket with 50 milliliters of the tide, 5 liters of water and the Sonic Soak device on. In the case of more than the usual amount of objects or clothing, it takes a little longer to clean than the standard runtime. For outstanding results, you will have to wait for at least 10 minutes and then you can see the device has removed all the dirt at a microscopic level. This result indicates that Sonic Soak is the perfect solution for laundry-on-the-go.

    From the above-mentioned tests, you can trust our opinion and buy this product for stress-free cleaning of household objects while traveling. Although, all of these tests have been tried before and the Sonic Soak has passed all the hurdles amazingly. Not just that but the technology that is being used in this device is not new; it is tried and tested earlier and now being revamped in the form of a cleaning tool to make washing and cleaning easier than ever.

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