10 Best Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Manga Anime for Free

    Soul Anime Alternatives: Soul Anime is a free, popular, and loved anime streaming site that offers various latest anime content for anime lovers. The site has a huge collection of anime content that is also subbed and dubbed in various languages.

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    If you too love Soul Anime you should also check out similar sites like it.

    10 Best Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free

    List of 10 Best Soul Anime Alternatives:
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    1. Crunchyroll


    Crunchyroll is a popular video streaming service that streams content like anime, manga, and dorama. The site launched in 2006 and is available in various languages. Crunchyroll has over 50 million registered active users worldwide and they offer about more than 900 anime shows on their site. There are also subbed and dubbed anime shows available on the site. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV Devices. There is also a premium version available that has better features as compared to the free version like no advertisements and much more.

       Visit Crunchyroll

    2. AnimeLab


    AnimeLab was launched in 2014 and had over 1 million users in 2018. On this platform, you can find stream a variety of anime shows in HD quality. The site fast tracks the best shows straight from Japan and then streams the latest episodes as soon as one hour after the broadcast. You can also watch shows with English and Japanese subtitles. It is available on PlayStation, Apple store, Telstra TV, Google Play, and Xbox store.

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       Visit AnimeLab

    3. AnimeFreak


    The site is highly popular among anime lovers and it is a possibility you already know about it if you are an Anime freak too. The site is absolutely free and streams various anime content in HD quality. The site is easy to use and fun. You can also register at the site. The site also has a search feature where you can search for any particular show you want to watch. Users can also browse various content by different Genres.

       Visit AnimeFreak

    4. GoGoAnime

    GoGoAnime is a super-fast anime streaming website that is used by users around the globe. The site can be used on laptops and smartphones as well. The site has a user-friendly interface. The site is free and users can also download anime shows they like from the website. Users can watch videos in different video qualities like 240p, 720p, and 1080p. The site also has a search bar where you can find any particular show you are looking for. The site constantly keeps updating their sites with new content. The site also has subbed and dubbed English shows.

       Visit GoGoAnime

    5. 9Anime


    9Anime is a free online anime streaming website that has the most popular anime shows. The shows also have English subtitles too. Users can download their favorite anime shows form the site. To assess shows users do not have to create an account. The site is not advertisement free and has lots of pop-ups too. You can also search for any particular content you are looking for on the website.

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       Visit 9Anime

    6. Anime Planet

    Anime Planet

    Anime Planet was founded in 2001. It is a video streaming website that is popular for the anime content is offers. Users can stream over 45,000 legal anime episodes online on the website. The site has a search bar hence you can search for the anime show you are looking for. The site has a unique and fun user interface. Users can find dubbed, subbed, old, and even the latest anime and manga content on the site. The site is not advertisement free. You can watch anime shows without creating an account on the website. If you create an account on the site you can track your progress and make watchlists too.

       Visit Anime Planet

    7. AnimeShow


    AnimeShow streams good quality anime content on the website. The site keeps updating with fresh and latest anime content. The interface of the site is simple. The site also has English subbed and dubbed shows. There is also a search bar available where you can find the anime shows you are looking for. The site is not advertisement free and has pop-ups too. Users can browse content though various genres and popularity.

       Visit AnimeShow

    8. AnimeHeaven


    AnimeHeaven is one of the best anime content streaming websites. On the site, you can watch good quality anime content online for absolutely free. The site has a user-friendly interface that can be used on laptops as well as mobiles. Users can find dubbed and subbed anime shows on the website. The site is not advertainment free but has fewer advertisements compared to other sites. It has a search bar available where you can search for the anime shows you particularly want to see.

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       Visit AnimeHeaven

    9. Chia-Anime


    Chia-Anime is also another free anime streaming website where users can find thousands of anime shows in good quality. The site keeps updating its content constantly. The site is not advertisement free and has pop-ups too. The site also has a search bar to search for anime shows you want to watch. Users can find both dubbed and subbed content on the website. On the site, you can also save and download your favorite shows. You can assess the site both on Android and iOS devices.

       Visit Chia-Anime

    10. Good Anime

    Good Anime

    Good Anime is a site that streams anime content. The site does not have the best user interface but is pretty easy to use. The site is also not that popular but you can still find the content you are looking for.

       Visit GoodAnime

    Hence the long list comes to an end. Now you can explore and watch your favorite anime shows at the comfort of your home for absolutely free.

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