Steps to Prepare and Pass Cyber Essentials Checklist

    When it comes to passing cyber essentials you will need to make sure you create a checklist to stay organised and not forget anything important. If you don’t keep your cyber essentials in mind, you might have a problem with guarding your organisation against cyber attacks. With great security in place you will feel more confident about fighting off unwanted viruses, hackers and any other cyber threats that you could likely come into contact with. These are more common for employees working remotely, using unsecured WiFi networks often and connecting from lots of different locations. Here are some of the steps you will need to follow as a company to prepare and pass your cyber essentials… 

    Make sure you have an information security policy in place 

    You should have a well-planned out security policy and this is the first step to success in terms of cybersecurity. It will depend on your company and industry within your policy, you should usually include requirements for handling data (customers, employees and third-parties), password policies and guidance for users. You should set out what users can and can’t do. It’s best to set this out in an organised, clear format, although this can be challenging as you will have lots of sections and information. 

    Get yourself a data protection officer

    Having one person look after your data can be the best way of handling it, it will get confusing if it’s passed between different people within the company. Your business will need to do a self-assessment questionnaire and provide evidence to gain a certificate, and it’s best to leave this to a professional. 

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    Digital assets need to be organised 

    It’s essential to keep an inventory of digital assets, including all the details of any software updates you have done recently and exactly what devices you did these on. It will be easier to protect your data and keep track of everything if you do this. 

    Access control should be enforced

    Another step you will need to take is access control, not just anyone can have access to your files and especially sensitive data. If you want to get your cyber certificate then this is an absolute must. You won’t pass the test and gain the certificate if you don’t have some access control rules in place. 

    Check you’re using the right configurations and tools 

    Software tools like malware protection and antivirus are crucial for all systems. You need a firewall to help you protect all your business devices, or you could be threatened with an attack. Make sure everything is properly configured. 

    Make sure you’re regularly conducting security reviews

    It’s crucial to regularly conduct security reviews, even if you do have the right software and security in place to fight off malware and damaging viruses. There is no harm checking frequently, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. Most big companies have an IT department that will run regular checks, usually months one. 

    Why should I get a cyber security certificate? 

    Most companies feel it’s necessary to get a cybersecurity certificate for protecting their business, customer reassurance, IT awareness and tender requirements. Meeting all the government requirements and having everything in order in terms of security, will benefit you with your customers. Customers will feel more confident giving their personal details to you if you have a security certificate. It’s very worth doing it for personal peace of mind, the business and your target audiences. 

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    Now that you have a good idea of the steps you need to take to pass your cyber essentials, you have no excuses for failing it. If you are consistent in reviewing your security and you check all these steps before you take your cybersecurity essentials, you will pass without a doubt. It’s important to pass this, especially if you have a big company with lots of important information saved. 


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