TeamViewer Alternatives: 9 Softwares To Control Your PC Remotely

    TeamViewer Alternative: Remote desktop access is a wonderful thing to perform as it provides many benefits. Remote desktop access enables us to access all the files in the computer, use them from any location, managing all the files as well to deal with all the issues.

    Safety and security is the key element that should be considered while selecting any secure remote connection. Safety and security are also very important to connect with your family and friends safely. In this article, I am going to tell you about the best free TeamViewer Alternatives to control your PC remotely.

    What is TeamViewer?

    TeamViewer is a software application for remoting desktop from mobile or another desktop.

    It is also used for online meetings & for transfer files.

    Without any installation, TeamViewer provides complete remote support.

    What you need to do is just simply run a program that is downloaded from the website of TeamViewer.

    If you are starting for the first time, it makes it really simple.

    You can even send the link to any other person through the mail, who can then download and run the program with the double-click.

    For non-commercial use, it is free.

    It provides various benefits such as remote maintenance, online meetings, training sessions, presentations, or providing any other important additional information.

    You can download TeamViewer from the following link.

       Download TeamViewer

    TeamViewer Alternatives
    TeamViewer Alternatives

    TeamViewer Alternatives: 9 Softwares To Control Your PC Remotely

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on teamviewer alternative for ubuntu but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the Best Free TeamViewer Alternatives To Control Your PC Remotely. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best teamviewer alternative available today for android, mac or linux etc. You can free download from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones: –

    List of TeamViewer Alternatives:

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    1. Supremo Remote Desktop

    Supremo Remote Desktop

    It is a free and paid solution for remote desktop access.

    This software is light, easy-to-use and affordable and allows you to remotely access another PC or server without router or firewall configuration.

    Supremo provides an integrated Drag&Drop file transfer that let you to send a file/folder from your PC to the remote PC or to download a file/folder from the remote PC to your local PC.

    With Supremo you can activate any number of clients and it is allowed to multiple users to connect to the same computer.

    This software is also available for iOS and Android devices. You can download it at the link below.

       Download Supremo Remote Desktop

    2. Join.Me

    teamviewer alternative open source

    Using this software many people can be connected to a single computer without even being registered because using this software is really simple.

    Join.Me allows its users to share the desktop of your computer, joining a virtual meeting or receiving and giving remote assistance.

    This software also has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

    You can download JoinMe from the following link.

       Download JoinMe

    3. Ammyy ADMIN

    teamviewer alternative reddit

    It is a tool used by the facility to implement it.

    The software is used to establish remote connections with other system and also used for file transfers.

    Live Chatting and remote can also be accomplished.

    This software is very simple to establish and run and also enables voice and text chats.

    The software also provides system administration.

    The software is supported by all windows compatible devices.

    You can get the software from the following link.

       Download Ammyy ADMIN

    4. RealVNC

    teamviewer alternative android

    It is one of the best free TeamViewer alternative remote access software.

    We may have a good option to access the computer remotely without relying on the third party.

    It is also possible to configure the access password.

    This is useful but at the same time, it may be insecure too.

    We can access the computers both with Windows and Mac as it helps a lot if we do not work in a Microsoft environment.

    You can download RealVNC from the following link.

       Download RealVNC

    5. ShowMyPC

    teamviewer alternative mac

    This software is characterized by a flexible option.

    The software is free for commercial as well as non-commercial use.

    It makes it really easy to take the remote control for desktop sharing & online meetings.

    The software provides the remote access software.

    The software is easy to use and execute.

    You can download ShowMyPC from the following link.

       Download ShowMyPC

    6. Microsoft Remote Desktop

    teamviewer alternative linux

    With the help of our Android and ios devices, we can access our desktop remotely.

    These are the devices that allow access and control our Windows computers, where we already have the Remote Desktop Option if we want to connect the other computer.

    It is a direct connection like Vnc and therefore didn’t depend upon the third party program.

    You must have to activate the remote support option on the computer, to use it.

    It is very convenient as you don’t need to install anything on the client computer.

    You can download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the following link.

       Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

    7. Chrome Remote Desktop

    chrome remote desktop teamviewer

    To use this you need to install an extension.

    Google chrome remote desktop is an alternative to access the computer remotely via your browser; therefore, installation of an extension is necessary.

    The main motive to design this software was to give support to Google Chrome OS computers.

    You can download Chrome Remote Desktop from the following link.

       Download Chrome Remote Desktop

    8. Remote Utilities

    realvnc teamviewer

    Remote Utilities is being designed for professional users.

    This software can be used free with full functionality.

    It allows us to have registered up to 10 computers.

    This software has a portable display.

    One of the main advantages of this software is that it allows to restart a computer remotely in a safe mode, as well as to have clients in a safe mode.

    You can download Remote Utilities from the following link.

       Download Remote Utilities

    9. Mikogo

    ultravnc teamviewer

    While the bulk of remote desktop association code either needs installation or is in-built in operation systems, this utility may be a clever shift.

    It’s browser-based and doesn’t need code or plug-in installations.

    You just open the browser and access the wealthy sort of services that square measure offered.

    Although it’s charged and its costs could be significant for users, this suited business use tool provides an excellent price for your cash.

    Mikogo comes with a variety of features & options and might be used for remote support, remote conferences and conferences.

    You can download Remote Utilities from the following link.

       Download Mikogo

    Watch this video guide on how to remote control your PC or mobile device:

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best TeamViewer Alternatives 2019, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share TeamViewer Alternatives: 9 Softwares To Control Your PC Remotely with your friends. Let them control their PC or any device with remote access from anywhere.

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