Tech Graduate Schemes Guide

    Upon graduating, you’ll understandably want to break into the industry as quickly as possible to work in a creative and diverse manner. Despite this, graduate recruitment can seem like a daunting topic, since it’s often the first time someone enters the job market. The beauty of computing and software development is that it opens the door into a wide array of industries. As a result, when you’re established in your career, you’ll never find yourself short of work. A graduate scheme will help you get closer to this establishment, as it will contribute towards shaping a talent that’s very much in demand. 

    What Does a Tech Graduate Scheme Look Like?

    The term “technology” is extremely broad, meaning it may apply to almost any industry. Consequently, it’s almost impossible to say what a tech graduate scheme looks like, as the structure will differ everywhere. Regardless of which tech graduate scheme you opt for, though, will affect the design, testing, and deployment of software that the organisation is reliant on. Usually, your tasks will include the improvement of digital solutions by optimising reliability and efficiency. This could come in the form of bolstering web presence, service delivery, security framework, financial processes, or all of the above. 

    Typical Salary

    The great thing about technology is that it allows you to earn a respectable salary, even in the initial stages of your career. To begin with, you should expect anywhere between £22,000 and £30,000 per annum; however, this only has the potential to increase as you become more experienced and knowledgeable in the sector. 

    Career Progression

    As previously mentioned, the only way is up in the tech industry. During your training period, it’s always a good idea to express your specialism, as this will pave the way for where you go next in the company. For instance, helpdesk technicians might progress to become network administrators or heads of security teams. Regardless of where you start out in the tech industry, there’s almost always a clear path that your career can take. Ultimately, you’ll never be in a dead-end job when it comes to working in tech; there will always be a bigger and better role to move towards until you make your way to the top. 

    Different Departments

    As previously mentioned, the departmental differences in technology are huge, allowing for a variety of role options. Despite the divergence in roles, every position in the tech industry will stimulate your sense of achievement. Technology is all about solving existing problems, as well as foreseeing potential issues, and ensuring these don’t occur. What’s more, technological roles are extremely adaptable, allowing you to dip in and out of different departments and decide which are best suited to you as a professional.  You’ll never feel stuck, as you’ll be able to apply the skills you’ve learnt in all manner of departments. 

    The Ideal Candidate

    It can be difficult to say what the ideal tech candidate looks like, as while a background in computer science, maths, and coding is helpful, it’s not necessarily an essential requirement. Above all else, desirable skills are what’s sought after for the tech industry. For instance, the demonstration of some technical ability is essential, as digital systems will be your main toolbox. As a result, if you’re not fascinated by such systems, the pursuit of a career in the digital industry doesn’t make much sense. What’s more, you have to carefully tread the balance between logical thinking and creativity, which can be a difficult thing to achieve for many individuals. 

    All in all, a tech grad scheme will present you with a world of opportunity when it comes to advancing your career.

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