The Imagination Is Running Wild: Top 7 Apps to Awaken the Inner Creator

    It has long been known that under difficult conditions, a person’s creative potential unfolds, sometimes to quite cosmic proportions. Our imagination is a hidden and inexhaustible supply of mental strength, thanks to which you can survive in the most difficult situations.

    If we spur our imagination, it will not only prevent us from falling into despondency but also allow us to find inner harmony and confidence in our abilities, to feel the joy of life even in conditions of pandemic and to come out of the trials a winner. But how to awaken this creativity, if the brain is seething with an abundance of news, and the body seems to produce only cortisol and adrenaline? Apps for the development of creativity can help in this, where you can create drawings and even an entire concept for a new PlayAmo game, write music, and make the most ordinary photos of these art masterpieces.


    Loop is an amazing application that not only lets you create any kind of picture, even the simplest one, but also brings it to life with its built-in animation.

    8mm Vintage Camera

    An unusual app that quite accurately imitates the recording of old vintage cameras. 8mm Vintage Camera uses a huge number of filters, each of which can be adjusted in manual mode. This allows you to achieve exactly the effect you want.

    Tayasui Sketches

    It’s easy to create a real sketchbook with realistic strokes, strokes, and textures. Even if you’re just learning to draw, you’ll love experimenting with different tools, combining colors, and creating your own art.


    Remember how everyone raved about this app a few years ago? But since then, it’s been updated to offer even more effects. Download it now and practice editing your photos.


    Who knows, maybe you’ll create your own music label one day. It’s easy to create beats and melodies in this app, and the sound of each instrument just gives you even more creativity.

    Magic Piano

    A great app for those who want to learn to play the piano, but don’t yet have an instrument. Of course, you won’t become a real musician, but you can try your hand at the art of music.

    Music Maker Jam

    Another app for audiophiles. There are already plenty of ready-made loops and samples, but there are also endless possibilities to express yourself in music on your own, even if you don’t have any training.

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