The most hated players in the FIFA Ultimate Team history

    The situation when one cheap card can be much better than any 88-90 rated ones might sound crazy for many new gamers. That’s how the legends of “overpowered,” even “broken” players come to life and can create some absurd situations.

    Youtuber Danny Aarons, best known for his funny videos about FIFA, has made a joke petition about excluding PSG defender Presnel Kimpembe from FIFA 22. As it states, the card: “has ruined millions of people’s weekends, especially on the game mode “FUT Champions.” Currently, it costs just 25k and has a strong link to one of the best right-backs in the game, Achraf Hakimi. Both just played in the Champions League for PSG, and the good news is that their team qualified for the last 16. The Morrocan is also cheap for what you get: 55k, and there’s almost no competition in his position.

    As of now, almost 10,000 people have signed the petition. It might mean two things: Kimpembe’s card is OP and hated in the community, or the gamers loved this meta-joke and decided to participate in the prank. Either way, there were a lot of other cards that some even tried to avoid in different game modes in the history of FIFA. Let’s revisit those memories with our list, which we have compiled for you together with

    Seydou Doumbia (FIFA 12 – 15)

    There’s no better place to start our emotional journey than from this Ivorian speed demon. When the pace was the only thing you needed to secure wins, this card with 94 sprint speed was the gift from heaven. Doumbia had a pretty decent finishing (86) and could run all day long with 94 stamina in FIFA 15.

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    The best thing is that in different seasons he was the perfect partner for other cheap beasts. In the Russian Premier League days, Doumbia paired with Wagner Love in 12 and 13 or Ahmed Musa in 14 and 15 made a perfect match until December-January. Ivorian was still good in FIFA 16: he transferred to Roma and had a strong link to Gervinho. These two were in every starter squad because they were low-priced and meta-focused.

    Jack Butland (FIFA 17)

    The only player who could match so many OP attackers in the game was this 6’5″ diamond. Although many pros used the English 82-rated goalkeeper in the full-icon squads, his price never exceeded 5k.

    As the experienced players already noticed, most of the time, the rating and face stats on the card are irrelevant for the goalkeepers. Especially if they lack some essential traits, like “Comes for crosses.” The combination of all that plus height made Butland the most desirable player in his position. As a result of his play, many goals weren’t scored, and many gamers lost their nerve.

    Tiémoué Bakayoko (FIFA 18)

    When someone tells you that some card in FIFA is broken, remind them of this French tank. With dreadful acceleration (75) and sprint speed (72), Bakayoko still somehow outpaced every card in the game. He’s 6’1″ and had good physical and defending stats. These helped the player to get the ball from any OP attacker, be it Ronaldo or Messi: the Frenchman could stop them all.

    The midfield, combined with Kante and Bakayoko, became impenetrable. Those who wanted to play the game for fun couldn’t do anything against this duo. The gamers mostly quit after they have seen the opponent squad.

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    Now the story repeats itself with Kimpembe, Dembele, and Fekir (SBC). Mainly because the developers didn’t introduce the modes for gamers who don’t want to sweat their way to victory. But that, seemingly, won’t happen in the foreseeable future.

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