This “Fastest Hoverboard” Will Have Your Parents Running Scared

    Everyone thinks “Back To The Future” when you mention the word hoverboard, but the truth is that they don’t leave the ground. Yet.

    One day they will, but these days they are getting a lot faster. You have to run before you can fly.

    This “Fastest Hoverboard” Will Have Your Parents Running Scared

    Fastest Hoverboard

    Meet the Onewheel Hoverboard, the fastest model out there. Their latest model has a 19 MPH maximum speed, which makes this the most fun you can have on one wheel. Since most hoverboards have two wheels, this thing takes some serious skills to ride.

    19 MPH may not seem like a lot, but for hoverboards, this is insanely fast. It’s enough to seriously mess you up if you take a spill while going full speed ahead.

    The trade-off for going super fast is that this model only gets a range of 4 miles per charge, but that’s okay, we’ll take the speed over distance. The Onewheel also has powerful braking and plenty of torque to climb hills.

    Some people compare the feel of it to riding a snowboard. It is light enough to carry and take with you on the bus, a train, or in the office. This is the fastest hoverboard out there.

    The next best thing on two wheels is the Epikgo Sport Plus with a top speed of 12 MPH and dual 400W motors. If you want to stick with two wheels, this is the model you want. Or if you need a One wheel then you must choose the Electric Unicycle. You can check out EUC Canada for cool one-wheel models.

    The 12-mile range per charge is really great too. Some other features include streamlined racing tires, water resistance, and it will climb inclines up to 30 degrees. The Epikgo Sport Plus is one of the most powerful hoverboards that you can currently buy.

    If you feel the need for speed, these are your two best bets. Check out Gadgetreview to see how other hoverboards ranked compared to these.

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