Tips For A Prolific Career In Marketing

    In the words of the Czech author Milan Kundera, businesses have two core functions; innovation and marketing. These two are enough for a company to be successful and sustainable. For now, let’s focus on one of these two aspects; marketing. Marketing is typically defined as the art of promoting a product or service in a manner that convinces customers to purchase it. It is a creative and constantly evolving field that makes it lucrative for bright-minded professionals. 

    Being a marketer involves innovating, being spontaneous, and leading the market rather than following the trend. A career in this field is highly rewarding, but at the same time, it is demanding as well. From developing comprehensive plans to coming up with eye-catching ideas, from incorporating various aspects of branding into the campaign to executing it effectively, a marketer is always on their toes. In order to be a prolific marketer, then, there are certain things that you’ll need. Here are a few tips for you:

    One of the biggest assets for a proficient marketer is their communication skills. Naturally, a marketer needs to communicate brand messages effectively to the audiences. However, the communication talents that a marketing professional needs far exceed this. As a professional in the field, you need to be able to present your ideas to the brand team and senior executives if you are working in an agency as well as the client. 

    This is why most degrees, including online bachelor’s programs in marketing, focus extensively on allowing students to develop their communication skills. From the employer’s perspective, written communication skills are a top priority for 80.3% of individuals in hiring capacities. Similarly, verbal communication skills are a leading basis of evaluation for 67.5% of employers. The only other skills that are more important for employers than communication are problem-solving and teamwork, especially in the field of marketing. 

    • Build a specialization where you have the right talent

    Despite being a relevant and highly growth-oriented field, marketing is also an extremely competitive domain. The field of marketing and advertising is diverse and includes digital promotions, strategy formulation, social media marketing, email marketing, SEM, display marketing, web development, and content creation, to name a few. Each of these domains is a different specialization because of the depth and comprehensiveness that comes with it. 

    Therefore, in order for you to not just be competitive and desirable in the market but also excel as a professional, specialization is crucial. Companies have certain priorities when it comes to marketing. According to a survey, 61% of company executives list organic presence and growth of SEO as their top priority. Similarly, the next in line of preference is content creation for blogs, which is important for 53% of marketers, and then comes content distribution at 47%. 

    • Expand your portfolio

    Without the chance to hone them, your abilities cannot develop. You won’t have many opportunities until you can show that you already possess some of the necessary talents. Your talents degrade and stop developing because you can’t seize possibilities. Since nobody will give you a chance to begin with, you lose out on further chances in the future. This sets off a downward spiral. A 2017 poll found that 64.5% of companies preferred to hire applicants with relevant work experience. Even in the case of college grads, this was accurate.

    Employers determine the success, experience and proficiency that a marketer holds through their portfolio. The brands you’ve worked with, the types of campaigns you’ve successfully executed, the type of marketing activities you’ve performed, including content, social media or email marketing, etc. These skills add to your catalog and showcase what you are capable of to potential employers. 

    • Making data the focus of your efforts

    Data has become the most valuable currency these days. It is the fundamental factor that is driving decision-making in almost every department across organizations all over the world. Through data, companies are able to derive analytics and statistics and power their strategies for effective outcomes in terms of customer acquisition, supply chain optimization, and branding, along with many others. Data is becoming the focal point for marketing campaigns in the modern age. 

    Therefore, you can also become a prolific marketer by focusing on data extensively. The insights and analytical knowledge in a company’s database can show customer trends, behavior preferences, and fluctuations in habits due to various factors. This knowledge enables you to design campaigns that target the right customers in the places where they are expected to be the most active. Nowadays, this has become the hallmark of a true, exceptional marketing professional. 

    • Build your professional personality into a brand

    As a marketing professional who wants to stand out from the crowd and build a unique identity for themselves, personal branding is of utmost importance. It is important to note that skills and qualifications are different, while branding is completely different. You can spend all the time you want polishing your soft and hard skills, but you will only be able to stand out if you establish a visual identity that is unique and personal. 

    Building yourself into a brand encompasses everything that you would do for a client, done for yourself. This means creating social media handles, logos, boilerplates, catchy taglines, and portfolios designed to be eye-catching. Turning yourself into a brand means that potential employers can understand that you embody the profession and work of a marketer in a way that few other people do. Your efforts in building a solid personal brand will pay off, especially with companies that value the ideology you bring to the table. 


    Being a prolific marketer is a combination of various traits. Obviously, it is a creative field that requires professionals to be innovative and think outside the box. However, due to technological advancements, modern tools like big data are taking a certain stage, and for you to be successful as a marketer, you need to be able to handle it effectively. At the same time, effective communication and turning yourself into a brand will make all the difference for you in the professional world.

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