Tips for Students: How to Write an Essay About Modern Technology

    As modern technology slowly finds its way into our lives, it also finds its way into the classrooms. More courses on Computer Assisted Language Learning, Computer Assisted Architecture (and any other field, for that matter) exist than ever, and professors are getting more demanding when it comes to writing about technology as well. Be it hardware or software you should write about, check out our tips and tricks on how to write an essay about modern technology. 

    Why Is Writing About Tech So Important

    Writing about technology does not signal to your teachers that you can simply use the piece of technology. What writing about tech solutions does, in fact, shows to your teacher or professor that you can take a critical hold of the tech, point out its positive and negative sides, as well as implications to the everyday life of its users. So let’s break it down into more manageable chunks. 

    Proper Definition of Modern Technology Piece 

    Being able to properly define and categorize a piece of technology is the first step. This should signal to your teacher that you can UNDERSTAND the technology on your own terms and place it within the wider context of contemporary technology development. This should be the introductory part of your essay. 

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    There are different services that can help you with this. Being a busy college student, you may not always have time to read entire 300-page books, but you should rather delegate note-making and then learn from the short form. Top Essay Writing does exactly that, as entire books can be boiled down for you in a matter of days. Learning from a shorter form clears the trees so you can see the forest and ask questions that are so essential. 

    History of the Development of the New Technology 

    Being able to talk about the historical development of a piece of technology also shows that you can place it in a social context. Showing how the idea was born, how it developed, and how it influenced society so far can be very helpful in understanding the rest of the essay properly. If you have any critical thoughts, postpone them to the end of your essay. 

    Pros of using the Technology 

    As always, the pros of using the technology should be outlined. You can go about it by pointing out the obvious, quoting others, and by presenting data that should show how tech has changed the world for the better. If writing about education, naming how modern technology has changed education is an inseparable part of a good essay. Make sure to always include info from a wider context. 

    Cons of Using the Technology 

    Every academically mature student will understand that there is also the need to point out the cons of using a particular piece of technology. As it is quite obvious, pointing out the problems also gives you a chance to resolve them and make any naysayers forget their arguments. Use this section wisely since you do not want to be too skeptical about the tech. 

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    Suggestions for Further Development 

    Based on your insights into how technology has changed the world for better or worse, you can suggest further development of the technology itself. This does not mean that you possess the skills or knowledge to make actual suggestions, but being able to take the critical stance one more time can definitely leave a good impression on you as a student. 

    Final Considerations 

    Technology has become omnipresent in our lives. The very fact that you are reading this piece of text on a screen rather than paper should say how incorporated technology has become. Being able to write about it and take a properly critical approach is an important part of being a student, whatever the niche you may be studying for. 

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