Tips to Write a Long Form Answer during History Exam

    Have you ever been stuck with a long answer question on the history exam? If so, you know how difficult it can be to write an essay-length response. But the History Subject Tests are especially challenging. As such, preparing for them requires more than just being able to turn your ideas into bullet points. It requires not only being able to think analytically, but also using relevant examples and data in order to support your points. This is why writing long form answers during history exams is so important. Because without them, you may have little chance of success. If you’re looking to boost your score and make the most of your time on the test, then reading through these tips will help you write an engaging and effective long answer. Reading ncert class 8 social science

    book is important. 

    Summing up your answer before writing

    One of the most important things you can do before writing your long answer is to sum up your answer to the question. For example, you can list the main ideas of your essay, then sub-bullet list the supporting details. When you’re done, you’ll have a much better idea of how your essay is structured. This will also help you avoid having to write a separate section on your answer. Instead, you’ll be able to focus more on your ideas and the writing itself, since you won’t have any distractions. Infinity Learn provides the best ncert class 8 solutions. 

    Using examples to support your point

    When you use examples to support your point, it not only makes the examples more relevant, but it also shows your readers that you’ve done your research. Thus, they’ll have a much better chance of understanding what you’re talking about. But don’t just rely on examples; you can also use graphs, tables and photos to support your point. As long as they relate to your point, examples are perfectly fine.

    Use case studies to show your point

    When you use case studies to show your point, you can either choose a historical example or you can write a scenario that could happen in your own industry. For example, you could choose the history of the telephone to demonstrate how innovation laws affect different industries. Similarly, you could choose the history of the Internet to outline how the free and open internet has shaped our modern society. These case studies will help you show your point more clearly and will force you to use your critical thinking skills. And since you’re using these case studies to support your point, they’re also a great way to identify problematic aspects of industry X, Y or Z.

    Identify the problem you’re trying to solve before you write the essay

    One of the most important things you can do before writing your long answer is to identify the problem that you’re trying to solve. For example, you could identify the problem that you have to solve in your long answer and then list the problem that you think you can solve. Or you could list the main ideas of your essay, and then discuss how your solution could help solve that problem. Your choice will determine the focus of your long answer, as well as the overall structure of your essay.


    The best way to finish your long answer to a history question is to make a conclusion that sums up your thoughts and gives the reader a feel for the tone of your essay. You can end the paragraph with a call-to-action that gives your readers a sense of how they should feel. In essence, your long answer is a tentative but optimistic attempt to show the reader that you have an open mind and can consider their thoughts. The most important thing you can do for your long answer is to be patient. There will be many questions on the exam that will require you to think carefully, so don’t impatience rashly conclude an answer or write a short sentence. Take your time, and make sure you’re using the proper words in order to properly address the question.

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