Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    Are you looking for Best Root Apps? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones. In this article, I’m going to share must have android apps which are one of the best apps for the rooted android device. These root apps have more functions and privileges than stock apps and using these root apps you can easily tweak your phone to a next level. So here you are going to get best root apps 2018 which can be run on rooted android phones only.

    It’s true that rooting your android device has become far less essential nowadays than the old days. However, there are still plenty of reasons to root your android phone with rooted apps market. Not only do you get some awesome features, but you’ll also have access to a whole new genre of apps that can accomplish more than the apps that you’re used to. Here are the android root apps download free.

    These top 10 apps are the best apps for rooted android phones and they have some advantages also. Using these apps you can enhance your android battery life, kill bloatware, and it also helps to improve the speed of custom ROM by blocking background apps. Even you can increase your RAM also and helps to uninstall any unwanted system apps to make space. In one word rooting makes you the admin of your android phone.

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones
    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    Must Have Android Apps

    Hey, android lovers, do you love to root your android devices and customizing them and looking for some awesome apps for your rooted android device then you are at right place. Today I am gonna enlist top 10 best root apps that you must have if you have a rooted android device so that you can make the most use of a rooted device and best apps to root android. In the early stage of android development, we did not have that much control over the android device as much now we have. Android developers made very easy to customize an android device. Now we can make easily root our android device and can install any desirable ROMs etc.

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    1. Lucky Patcher Best Root Apps 2018

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    Lucky patcher is the most loved app among rooted android users. This app has various awesome features like you can remove any type of advertisement which appears in the android device due to some apps. Also, you can remove license verification from any app on your rooted android device. Also, you can patch any app in your android device. Because of all these features, lucky patcher is very popular among rooted users. You can download the Lucky Patcher Apk from below given button.

    Lucky Patcher APK

    2. Xposed Framework Best Root Apps XDA

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    If you are addicted to the rooting stuff and regularly customize your rooted android device installing new ROMs then you must have familiar with the name of this app. Xposed framework app allows and helps you to customize your rooted device without installing various ROMs. This application has hundreds of modules. Only the thing is that you have to find modules which are compatible with your device. Have a look at the top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 for marshmallow & lollipop android. Download this app from below button.

    Xposed Framework Installer APK

    3. Greenify – Best Apps for Rooted Android LifeHacker

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    Sometimes due to various applications and programs running in the background of the android device, system consume too much battery.  If you are also facing the same issue on your android device then you must have Greenify App installed on your android device. This app will show you all the information about your apps like how many times it wakes up your phone and which app is consuming more battery in the background. Greenify saves you RAM and battery juice simultaneously. The download button is below for Greenify App.

    Greenify APK

    4. Titanium Backup  Best Root Apps 2017

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    In the rooting and unrooting stuff we have to take a full backup of our data and applications so that in the case of anythings happens to our device then we don’t lose our important data and applications. By this app, you can easily take a full backup of all the data and apps and their data backup as well. Before flashing your android device and installing custom ROM, you can take backup of your data and all apps. You can download titanium backup from below button.

    Titanium Backup APK

    5. SuperSU Best Apps to Root Android

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    If you have a rooted device then you may have this app installed in your android device already. SuperSU allows you to give permission to root the application. Also, you can unroot your android device by this app. This is the best way to granting permission to apps. If you don’t have installed this app then you can download and install this app from below given download button.

    SuperSU APK

    6. Root Explorer

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    You can edit any system file with root explorer app. ES file explorer app is meant for all android user but root explorer is only for rooted devices. You can easily manage your system folders by this app. If there is any type of error like app not supported by phone or any other game then you can simply edit Build.prop and change its value to any popular phone which is supported. Then you can download those apps from play store without facing any error. Root explorer shows you all the system files of your device and helps you to change them easily in one click. Also, it allows you to access the zipped folder, open text documents etc. Download this app from given below button.

    Root Explorer APK

    7. Terminal Emulator Rooting Apps for Android without PC

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    A different operating system has a different way to get a command like windows PC has CMD (Command Prompt). Similarly, you can give commands to your android device using Terminal Emulator. This app is mainly for developers and a much-advanced user who like to work via commands. You can use full Linux emulation and launcher shortcuts in it. Terminal emulator is not for the normal android user. Download the app from here.

    Terminal Emulator APK

    8. Xmod Games

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    If you are game lover and love to play games on your android device then this is a must have android app for you. Why ? Because this app allows you to patch online games like clash of clans, 8 ball pool etc. By using this application you can fool your friends and can make them surprise by your various games score which you patched by this application. Download Xmod Games app from below button.

    Xmod Games APK

    9. Full Screen

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    Sometimes we want to use any app on full screen but soft keys or we can say navigation bar does not allow to run the application on the full screen. Many times we play any video or any game there is navigation bar which irritates us. For example in nexus mobile phone navigation bar take lots of space. To hide this space we can simply use Full Screen app. By using this app you may enjoy playing games much better. Download the app from below button.

    Full Screen APK

    10. Link2SD

    Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones

    If all the apps are installed in your system memory then you can move all the apps to your SD card by using this app and can free your phone memory. Also, you can batch apps to SD card by using this app. Link2SD helps in freeing system memory that is why this app is very helpful for rooted android users. You can download this app from below button.

    Link2SD APK

    All these top 10 apps that you must have if you owns a rooted android device. You can download and try these apps. You will find all these apps very helpful.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Top 10 Apps You Must Have For Rooted Android Phones, didn’t you?

    If you know any other app which suits to be on this list then let us know in comments we will look and add that app to our list. In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Best Root Apps for Android with your friends. Let them get the fun of rooted device with these root apps.

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