Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2018 Marshmallow & Lollipop

    Are you looking for Best Xposed Modules? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest version of Best Xposed Modules 2018.  In this article, I’m going to share Xposed Modules Best 2018 which are the first Search for every newly rooted Android user. Yeah!! Android Geeks loves to try out different Best Xposed Modules Apk on their phone. This is the first site which is providing you Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2018 Marshmallow & Lollipop and you can also download Google Dorks List. You can go through the article and see the direct download links below.

    Xposed framework is the best tool for customizing your android phone, the modules have the tendency to mod your android device to look more gorgeous. Nowadays everybody loves to install custom ROMs on their smartphones to make their android device cool and different from others. If you have installed any custom ROM on your android phone and wants to add more custom and super cool features then you must have to install Top 10 Xposed modules download.

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    If you have rooted android device to improve its performance and customization, but do not know how to and from where to start then Xposed Framework is the answer. Xposed uses modules, small apps that plug directly into the android operating system and gives you wonderful control over the appearance of your smartphone. Therefore you can easily remove any changes you don’t like by simply disabling the Xposed Modules and rebooting.

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop

    Best Xposed Modules for Marshmallow, Lollipop & KitKat

    There are lots of modules available at the Xposed Module repository website for us to download, but finding the perfect one which can do the works you desire most can be stressful and time wasting. However, we’ve researched and listed down the best Xposed modules lollipopXposed modules for KitKat & best Xposed modules 2017 marshmallow so that you can easily choose the best ones without wasting your precious time.

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    Today around the internet there are million of people, use top Xposed modules 2017 for various purposes. For customization, for increasing battery backup, enhancing the ram, boosting speed or changing user interface (UI) and much more things. In this article, you will get best Xposed modules KitKat which can be used by all android 4.1+ devices.

    How to Install Xposed Framework Modules?

    It’s quite simple for Android geeks but if you are a newbie and don’t have enough knowledge about Xposed Modules. Then, follow the below steps to install any Xposed Framework on your android device.

    • Install Xposed Installer on your Android.
    • Download and Install your desired Module from the list below, we are providing best Xposed Modules.
    • Check that Module in Xposed Framework menu and Tick Mark on it.
    • Reboot your device, Voila!! Done. 😜

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    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2018 Marshmallow & Lollipop

    These are the best Xposed modules which can make your android device awesome. Every Rooted android phone must have these Top 10 Xposed modules installed on it. Let’s install these Most Popular Xposed Module Frameworks today on your device if haven’t installed them yet.

    1. Gravity Box – Best Xposed Modules Lollipop

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    GravityBox Xposed Module Apk

    GravityBox is a module which primary goal is to provide the users of AOSP devices with a tweak box to turn their vanilla AOSP ROM into custom ROM packed with additional features and tweaks without a need to flash anything. Most of the preferences can be changed on-the-fly without rebooting. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of Gravity Box:

    • QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles and tile reordering
    • CyanogenMod Pie Controls
    • Expanded desktop with semi-immersive and immersive modes
    • Lockscreen tweaks
    • Statusbar tweaks
    • Navigation bar tweaks
    • Power tweaks
    • Display tweaks
    • Media tweaks
    • Hardware key actions
    • Dialer tweaks
    • Launcher tweaks
    • Screen recording
    • Smart radio
    • Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations)


    • JellyBean users, download GravityBox [JB] Apk from below.

    Gravity Box [JB] Apk

    • KitKat users, download GravityBox [KK]  Apk from below.

    Gravity Box [KK] Apk

    • Lollipop users, download GravityBox [LP] Apk from below.

    Gravity Box [LP] Apk

    • Marshmallow users, download GravityBox [MM] Apk from below.

    Gravity Box [MM] Apk

    2. xStana – Best Xposed Modules 2016

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    xStana Xposed Module Apk

    Xstana is a Xposed framework module that themes your navigation and status bars. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of xStana:

    • Status Bar theme:
      1. Apply a theme to these icons: alarm, wifi, signal, Bluetooth, GPS, battery, sync, ringer, headset.
      2. Adjust what icons to theme.
      3. You can choose what icons to theme.
    • Navigation Bar theme:
      1. Apply an embedded theme on these elements: back, back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background(translucent mode only).
      2. Apply a personalized theme with your own images on the back, back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background(translucent mode only), Q memo(LG), Q slide(LG), dual window(LG), notification down/up(LG).
      3. Adjust background, scale-type, buttons color.


    xStana Module Apk

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    3. XuiMod – Best Xposed Modules Marshmallow

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    XuiMod Xposed Module Apk

    XuiMod module is a small collection of Unique Features ported from other Roms and some by the Xposed module repository. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of XuiMod:

    • Seconds in StatusBar Clock (eg. 10:59:59am) (Customizable with SimpleDateFormat, Boldly, and Option for Uppercase/Lowercase )
    • BatteryBar (grabbed from PACman ROM)
    • Customizable color for Battery Percentages (20% interval)
    • Xylon Transitions Animation (grabbed from Xylon ROM – to be exact)
    • Xperia Z1 Transitions Animation
    • TokoROM Animations
    • AOKP Animation Controls
    • Custom IME Animations
    • Custom Notification Ticker Animations
    • ListView Animation (grabbed from RootBox)
    • Custom Toast Animations
    • ListView persistent cache (Please experiment with this. Slower phones will have more noticeable effects.)
    • Blacklist Apps from using ListView Animation
    • Volume Disable in Lockscreen (Useful for those who have volume wake. Don’t want my pocket to change Ring Mode during meetings. Don’t want to disable volume wake too, my power button is dying)
    • Lockscreen Torch (inspired from mods for Samsung Phones)
    • Randomized Quick Settings Tile Color (from TeamBAKED) (for Android 4.2 and above only)
    • Classic Recent / Gingerbread App Switcher (from SlimRoms)


    XuiMod Module Apk

    4. Flat Style Colored Bars – Best Xposed Modules 2017

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    Flat Style Colored Bars

    Flat Style Colored Bars is the best Xposed module of 2017 to design your Status and Navigation bars with cool colors. This module provides more so many features to give a different style to our Status and Navigation bars. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of Flat Style Colored Bars:

    • Status Bar
      1. Background colors
      2. Overlay styles
      3. Default
      4. Flat PRO
      5. KitKat Gradient PRO
      6. Android L PRO
      7. Overlay colors PRO
      8. Icons / text colors PRO
    • Navigation Bar
      1. Background colors
      2. Styles
      3. Untinted
      4. Tinted
      5. Linked navbar colors with status bar colors
      6. Linked navbar icons with status bar background PRO
      7. Overlay styles
      8. Default
      9. Flat PRO
      10. KitKat Gradient PRO
      11. Android L PRO
      12. Overlay colors PRO
      13. Icons / text colors PRO


    Flat Style Colored Bars Apk

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    5. Amplify – Battery Extender

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    Amplify – Battery Extender

    This Amplify – Battery Extender puts you in control of how your device uses your battery by controlling how often your device can wake up, and how long it can stay awake. Use the recommended settings for easy battery savings, or dig in and customize every alarm and wake lock on your device. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of Amplify – Battery Extender:

    • A beautiful design, inspired by L Material Design principles.
    • A stable blocking engine.
    • Comprehensive measuring of the time wasted and time saved because of alarms and wake locks.
    • A growing list of descriptions of the alarms, services, and wake locks in plain English (and other languages!).
    • A new Pro package that lets you Tame any alarm, service, or wake lock on the device.
    • Translated into twenty languages.
    • Tasker Integration: You can adjust your Unbounce settings when your device is plugged in when you have Wifi, when you’re at work when your device is face-down, or anything else you can imagine. To get started, create a new Tasker action, and choose Plugins->Amplify.
    • An open source codebase so you can see how it works, or build it yourself.


    Amplify – Battery Extender Apk

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    6. Greenify – Xposed Modules Download

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    Greenify Xposed Module Apk

    Greenify makes your device cleaner by identifying and stopping the apps which are running in the background and they are no in any use on your device. It closes unnecessary apps which aren’t in use and helps in saving your device Battery. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of Greenify:

    • It’s a fantastic app for ROOT users.
    • Make your phone fast and battery efficient.
    • You can use a lot of apps without any lag.
    • You can hibernate the apps so that they does not consume the battery.
    • It’s a phone friendly app.


    Greenify Xposed Module Apk

    7. XBlast Tools – Top Xposed Modules 2016

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    XBlast Tools Xposed Module Apk

    This XBlast Tools is the best Xposed Module for Customization lovers. This module allows you to change colors of different indicators in your device. Using this Xposed Module, you can choose Custom colors for WiFi Signals, Network Signals, Keyboard Backgrounds, Battery, Clock, and others. You can make your Android colorful with the Xblast module. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of XBlast Tools:

    • Change font all type which you make
    • Screen lock rotation direction with 180°
    • CRT effect is enabled when screen is off
    • Change transparency of background
    • Add background in notification panel
    • Change the battery logo,battery color,clock,status bar,date,notification text and color
    • Change owner name
    • Add network speed indicator in status bar
    • Clock placement is changing like the top, left, and bottom.
    • Show ram usage and cleaner
    • change home button
    • Toast text and choose ticker
    • change mobile theme dark and light
    • Enable and disable status bar during full-screen calling
    • change boot menu logo
    • Change navigation bar style and color.


    XBlast Tools Module Apk

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    8. BootManager – Best Xposed Modules for Jelly Bean

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    BootManager Xposed Module Apk

    With this BootManager Xposed module, you could prevent selected apps of running on system startup. All you have to do is, Select the apps which you don’t want to start automatically and reboot your device, Done. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of BootManager:

    • It saves your battery power.
    • Background Apps Killer.
    • Reboot Time faster.


    BootManager Apk

    9. SwipeBack – BestXposedd Modules KitKat

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    SwipeBack Xposed Module Apk

    SwipeBack is a Xposed module, which adds global swipe back gesture to your Android phone or tablet. It can make your Android interface easier to navigate, especially on bigger screens. It replaces the need to constantly tap the Back button in favor of a left-to-right swipe to return you to your previous screen. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of SwipeBack:

    • Global swipe back gesture
    • Per-app settings
    • Custom gesture direction


    SwipeBack Module Apk

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    10. XInsta – Top Xposed Modules 2018

    Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2017 Marshmallow & Lollipop
    XInsta Xposed Module Apk

    This XInsta Xposed Module helps you to download Instagram photos, videos, and stories. Even you can copy comments also. You can download this module from the link given below.

    Features of XInsta:

    • Change Default Save Locations
    • Comment Copy Feature
    • Direct Share Downloading
    • Feed Downloading
    • Follow Indicator (Indicates when someone is following you)
    • Following Data To List (See all the users you are following)
    • Profile Icon Downloading
    • Stories Downloading
    • Stories Timer Removal
    • Unique Hook Updating


    XInsta Module Apk

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Xposed Modules 2018, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Top 10 Best Xposed Modules 2018 Marshmallow & Lollipop with your friends. Let them get the fun of latest custom ROMs with Best Xposed Modules.

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