Top 10 Secure Torrent Clients that Won’t Hack Your PC

    Using torrents is a great way to quickly and easily download various types of files online. In order to download these files, you require a torrent client. But not all torrent clients are created equal. Some will help you download your files securely, while others will put your PC at the risk of being hacked.

    Hacking could occur as a result of two things. One could be that the Torrent client has a bug that gets it to hack your PC, the other could be that it has a security flaw which will make it easy for hackers to hack your PC. You can halt this risk by choosing the right torrent client to use for your downloads. Therefore, to make things easy I have created a list of 10 secure torrent clients that won’t hack your PC.

    But before you install any of these files and begin downloading I recommend that you install a patching software to make sure your PC is patched and secure. The torrent clients will be safe, but the files you download through them can sometimes contain malware that could hurt your PC. Patching it and updating your antivirus and other protection software will ensure that the files you download won’t harm you.

    Installing a VPN and activating it before you begin your download will also add an extra layer of protection.

    Top 10 Secure Torrent Clients that Won’t Hack Your PC

    Best Secure Torrent Clients
    Best Secure Torrent Clients

    Here’s the list of top secure torrent clients…

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    #1 uTorrent:


    uTorrent is one of the most widely used torrent clients. It has over150 million users and is owned by BitTorrent. It is free to use and is also very safe. You can use it to download lots of large files quickly. The only problem with it is that there are a lot of distracting ads. But you can get rid of them by opting for the pro plan which costs a few dollars a month. The pro version of the software also has an anti-virus protection feature that automatically scans your downloads for viruses and malware.

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    #2 BitTorrent:


    Another popular torrent client that is owned by BitTorrent is BitTorrent itself. Just like uTorrent, this is very safe to use and won’t hack your PC. This too has a pro version that offers extra security by automatically scanning your downloads for malware and viruses. You can also watch your torrents as they download. You don’t have to wait for the whole file to finish downloading. The pro version is free of ads too.


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    #3 Deluge:


    Deluge is another easy to use torrent that isn’t as popular as uTorrent and BitTorrent. But I assure you it is as safe as both of them. It is free to use and is ad-free. It can be installed on your PC whether it runs on Windows, macOS or Linux. It is an open source software and can be customized by using their plugins. The only disadvantage is that you can’t directly search for torrents on it.

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    #4 Tribler:


    If you are looking for a torrent client that is extra safe to use, you should try out Tribler. It offers you the ability to download anonymously by using strong encryption, onion routing, and hidden seeding. It is open source and non-profit. You can search for torrents from right within the software and begin downloading. There’s no need to visit another website. You can also use it to watch the videos you are downloading.


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    #5 Vuze:


    If you’re looking for a secure torrent client with lots of features, Vuze is the best option. It has so many features that you likely won’t use most of them. The main drawback is that the free version isn’t ad-free. To get rid of ads and to watch videos while they are downloading you need to sign up for their paid plan. They usually run discounts, so you might be able to get it for an affordable price.

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    #6 Boxopus:


    Boxopus is a very secure torrent client, which is different from any of the aforementioned clients. They download the torrent themselves and give you access to them on your private page. The files are encrypted to make sure you are protected. It can also upload your downloads to Google Drive. This makes it easy to access your files from anywhere.


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    Another cloud-based torrent client you can try is Bitport. When you use them you don’t need to install a torrent client. All you need to do is create an account and login to the dashboard. You can then choose what you would like Bitport to download. It will download the files onto your cloud. This makes it very safe to use. You can even turn off your computer while the files are being downloaded. The only problem is that they offer just 1GB of space for free. For extra space, you need to pay.

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    #8 qBittorrent:


    If you are looking for a secure torrent client that is free from distracting ads and popups you should give qBittorrent a try. It is an open source software. It might not be very advanced, but it is definitely sufficient for securely downloading your torrent files. Simplicity actually makes it very easy to use.



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    #9 Transmission:


    Transmission is an open source torrent client that is full of features enclosed in an easy to use and aesthetic user interface. It has features like BitTorrent protocol encryption to ensure you stay secure while downloading files. It also lets you install plugins. One popular plugin you must try is the Kodi plugin.



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    #10 Tixati:


    If you are looking for a secure torrent client that is also lightweight, the best option for you is Tixati. It is free of adware and spyware. Features include trackerless torrent swarming and anti-throttling. If you are looking for something that is very safe and easy to use and is free of ads, you should try Tixati out.



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    Wrapping up:

    These are the top 10 best secure torrent clients that won’t hack your PC. They are all are safe to use. I recommend that you visit each of their websites and check out all the features they offer. After that, you can download and use your favorite. You can also try them out as all the ones listed above are completely free or have free versions.

    Have you used any of the above secure torrent clients before? Which one do you like most? Please leave your comments below.

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