Top 8 Scheduler Apps on Android and iOS

    Many people face endless problems in their work, when time is constantly in short supply. Perhaps the problem is not the lack of time at all, but the wrong allocation of time resources.

    If you want to manage your time well, don’t get lost in mandatory tasks, always remember deadlines, and have time not only for work but also for leisure, like betting at 22Bet or going out with friends, you can use planning apps. is a scheduling and task tracking application that is used extensively by millions of users. It was created in 2011 in Israel.

    Here are the main features of

    • Creating to-do lists and shopping lists.
    • Creation of folders by which goals will later be sorted.
    • The ability to set when a task is due.
    • Reminding you when items are due.
    • Creation of recurring tasks.


    • Reminding about the due date of a particular task.
    • Sorting tasks by importance, specially created folders, execution date.
    • Binding a location to a task.
    • Possibility to change design of the application.
    • Voice input.


    • Relatively expensive paid subscription.
    • Requires registration.
    • Payment for the subscription is not charged monthly, but once a year.


    Ticktick is an organizer of tasks, an application for time management and convenient planning of certain goals. The program has been running since 2013.

    The app offers you the following features:

    • Creation of various lists and tasks.
    • Sorting tasks by creating folders.
    • Allocation of plans by level of importance.
    • Reminding about deadlines and deadlines.
    • Achievements and points for completed tasks.


    • Built-in timer.
    • Multiple calendar views.
    • Voice input.
    • Progress tracking.
    • Ability to see previous changes to tasks.


    • Lack of complete statistics on completed tasks.
    • Reduced work speed with a large number of tasks.


    Evernote is a planner that allows you to create notes and task lists, as well as to distribute your time. The program has been available since 2008.

    Evernote offers you these features:

    • Create notes, tasks, and to-do lists.
    • Built-in calendar.
    • Saving notes on the Internet.
    • Grouping notes, lists, etc. into different groups.
    • Attaching photos, audio and other files to your notes.


    • Available on almost all existing platforms.
    • Built-in document scanner.
    • Ability to attach different file formats to your notes.
    • Quick search for notes.
    • Synchronization across multiple devices.


    • Outdated computer app interface.
    • Lack of offline access to notes in the free version.
    • Little functionality of the free version.


    MyLifeOrganized is an organizer for scheduling time by creating and tracking tasks and projects and for increasing productivity. The program was created in 2011.

    MyLifeOrganized has many features, including:

    • Creating various notes, plans, etc.
    • Setting task periodicity.
    • Sorting tasks by date, frequency and importance.
    • Creating goals.
    • Deadline reminder.


    • Ability to specify task start and deadline.
    • Assistance in selecting a goal to complete.
    • Calendar view of the list of plans.
    • Creating subtasks to existing tasks.
    • Ability to mark the progress of a task.


    • Difficulty navigating the program without additional help.
    • Lack of a built-in calendar.
    • Overly minimalist interface.


    Weeek is a flexible planner for scheduling and collaborating on various projects. The app is relatively new, as it has been around since 2018.

    The app is full of features, including:

    • Creating tasks, projects, lists.
    • Working on projects as a team.
    • Setting up deadline notifications.
    • Sorting goals by time and importance.
    • Attaching required files to tasks.


    • Extensive functionality for teamwork.
    • Ability to write down ideas and vote on them.
    • Convenient search by responsibilities.
    • Availability of a built-in calendar.
    • Time tracker.


    • Difficulty navigating without additional resources;
    • Little functionality of the free version;
    • Once a subscription is connected, money is deducted monthly.

    24me | Smart Personal Assistant

    24me is a personal diary that helps you systematize your tasks and increase your productivity. The program has been in existence since 2018.

    This app offers you these features:

    • Creating to-do lists.
    • Adding different ideas and notes.
    • Systemizing tasks by date and displaying them in a special calendar.
    • Ability to attach photos and videos to notes, highlight text in color.
    • Customizable deadline notifications.


    • Availability of conference calls.
    • Ability to link location to plans.
    • The app not only reminds you of the holidays, but also helps you choose gifts.
    • Available for Apple Watch.
    • Voice input.


    • Overloaded interface.
    • The paid version is virtually the same as the free version.
    • A large number of technical issues.

    Remember The Milk

    Remember The Milk is a clever app for long-term planning and to-do lists on Android and iPhone. The program has been running since 2015.

    The app has numerous features:

    • Creating to-do lists.
    • Convenient customizable deadline reminders.
    • Sorting responsibilities into lists.
    • Attaching various files to tasks.
    • Availability of a wide range of designs.


    • Ability to add subtasks to tasks.
    • Convenient search.
    • Smart lists (lists based on search criteria).
    • Ability to add tasks to the app using Siri, Google Assistant, Gmail and even Twitter.
    • The app works offline (only in the paid version).


    • Relatively expensive paid subscription.
    • Registration required.


    Things is a personal time manager that allows you to create to-do lists and increase your productivity. The app was created in 2009.

    Things lets you access these features:

    • Creating to-do lists.
    • Allocation of plans to specially created folders.
    • A deadline reminder for a particular goal.
    • Several themes to choose from.


    • Advanced customization of reminders.
    • Simultaneous work with several projects.
    • Ability to create subtasks.
    • Nice interface and nice animation.
    • Quick search for the desired goal.


    • Cropped task and project names in reminders and widget.
    • Unfinished Android app.
    • Inconvenient to-do sorting.


    Even though these apps meet similar requirements and belong to the same segment and many of them have similar functions, they differ in many ways. It’s impossible to say unequivocally which one is better because each program is unique and meets certain requirements.

    More expensive organizers have a wide range of functions and a certain number of components that distinguish them from competitive applications. So, it is worth choosing an app responsibly and weighing the pros and cons of each tool.

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